Mafia Wars Free Gifts Bug

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 12:38 AM

New Bangkok Gifts: Send some new limited edition gifts to your mafia to help them out in Bangkok. Be sure to check back next week for more great updates to Bangkok.Send free gifts.

We have discussed about these free-gifts about Bangkok.. Envelope of Thai Baht & also Blades Tonfas. But lately, we can see messages every time we're at Home page that we've received some gifts from our mafias.. and when we click on it, we can see there are lots of gifts, including free-gifts!

Somehow, that free-gifts appear on our game like this screen-shot :

If we see on Bangkok Home page, we can not see the Envelopes! Where are they?

Actually, we do accept the gifts on our Facebook request page.. we just need to accept them all first before we can have them on the game..

I don't know what happen with Facebook versus the game.. I hope this is only temporary bug because it's kinda annoying!

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  1. Anonymous February 1, 2010 at 7:54 AM  

    I believe not only in bangkok. Every day I get many Rat Sculpture and always disappears