Mafia Wars Rackets - Good Bye

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:22 AM

New Info about Mafia Wars Rackets.

Mafia Wars Rackets were released in late October 2009 by replacing the properties page in some mafia wars member accounts , They were much loved considering the fact that you could get a lot of money as well as boosts and I mean A LOT of boosts .

Some concerned racket users have shared their concerned with zynga and the reply from zynga hasn't helped boosting their morale . From now on the Rackets page will be replaced by the new flash properties page. So I guess, now we can say " good bye " to Rackets and say " Welcome " to New Mafia Wars Flash Properties .

I will miss rackets job for free ride and truck drivers..... miss you very much...

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