Change Your Mafia Wars Character

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 7:14 PM

Great Mafia Wars News..Tired becoming a Maniac or Mogul or Fearless ? Now we can change our mafia wars class or character or type easyly. This is a great news....Yahoo !! Lets tell our friend..This is really good news !!

You can visit GodFather and asks him to change your class.. of course you have to give him 15 of your Reward Points..

You have 3 options of class : Mogul, Fearless or Maniac.



What about the Top Mafia bonus?

Well I have tried it.. nothing's changing with it!

For example : If you were a Fearless type and you are the Wheelman of many people from mafia family.. even if you change your class character type from Fearless to Maniac or Mogul.. you are still the Wheelman of those people!

If you want to be a Top Mafia for some people, ask them to re-promote you based on your class character now..

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