Annoying Bug in Bangkok

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:48 PM

Now,Mafia Wars Bangkok jobs gives some annoying bug to some players.. They have a strange level mastery in Episode 3. Here is an email from one of Mafia Member :

When I first started Episode 3 : Pirate, it had me at level 11 mastery with 3% job mastery and lots of items needed... I thought it was weird that the job mastery was so low and the item requirements so great... Remember this is supposed to be level one... Now I find out I got screwed... It took me three days just to beat chapter one of episode 3... Do you think there's a way I can get this fixed?
And these are the screen-shot sent by Mafia Wars player who has this bug. They have level 6 mastery, level 8 mastery, etc..

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