Unfortunately, it looks like Mafia Wars Bangkok is going to be quite extensive in the way of consumable cost. I have noticed 3 already (I think that may be all of them), but it looks like the consumable cost will be quite high.

The first consumable you run into you probably didn't even notice at first: the Satellite Phone. It drops from the "Hijack a Boat Load of Electronics" job in Episode 3, chapter 2. It drops with a high percentage rate, but that is of little consolation considering how much it appears to be used.

I just started working through Episodes 3 and 4 and already I have noted 3 jobs it is required for. I am sure there will be plenty more. The only way to get this item appears to be to do this jobs over and over again.

Consider keeping Episode 3 at level 1 or level 2 mastery; you will need to collect a lot of satellite phones and the energy cost only increases from there. It would be wise to stock up on satellite phones while the job has a low energy cost.

In addition to the Satellite Phone, two new businesses, the Drug Smuggling Ring and the Piracy Operation.

These consumables operate much like the Politico Corrupto does in Cuba. You can buy these two new businesses for $B and they will produce Drug Shipments and Pirates over time.

The Piracy Ring costs $B40,000 to take over and starts out producing 1 pirate every 3 hours, while the Drug Smuggling Ring costs $B45,000 to take over and starts out producing 1 drug shipment every 3 hours.

Unlike the Bribery Ring in Cuba, these businesses seem to be upgradeable to a very high degree. The cost to upgrade capacity and output is the same for both businesses and is as follows:

  • 10 Capacity or 2 Output - $B7,500
  • 15 Capacity or 3 Output - $B12,800
  • 20 Capacity or 4 Output - $B21,700
  • 25 Capacity or 5 Output - $B36,800
  • 30 Capacity or 6 Output - $B62,600
  • 35 Capacity or 7 Output - $B106,500
  • 40 Capacity or 8 Output - $B181,100
  • 45 Capacity or 9 Output - $B307,800
  • 50 Capacity or 10 Output - $B523,200
You can also purchase extra Pirates and Drug Shipments for 20 godfather points - the amount you get to purchase for that cost is equal to your current capacity.

More Bangkok updates to come!

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