Mafia Wars Marketplace

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 8:07 PM

Now you can buy greatest mafia wars item with highers stat using your godfather point!!! If you have much godfather, you can buy money greatest mafia wars item... Great Applications...

But wait.. look at the price of new loots.. they are all have good stats on Attack & Defense points, but for the price of 35 Reward Points! Thats to much for us because its not easy to have 105 reward point to buy 3 mafia wars item in mafia wars market place.

And one thing I notice here is there is no more Godfather page! So, i think, now we will lose our Godfather..

They are really making this a place to make mafia wars players spend huge Reward Points and huge real money to buy this mafia wars item.. I'll stop using Godfather points for now and use Reward Points instead..

Anyway, if you want to do some shopping? Just go to Marketplace tab and explore the new feature :

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Free 2 Mafia Wars Reward Points

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 7:59 PM

free 2 Godfather Points now available !!!

The Marketplace is open now.. You can get easyly free 2 reward point from link below ! Just click it...

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Mafia Wars Energy Glitch

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 7:47 PM

No, it's not a sweet glitch.. Our friend below got an ugly glitch.. He said that there is something wrong with Mafia Wars now. The system has brain damage or something because he can't do any jobs while he has 903 energy left.

This is not good! I think you should report this to Zynga forum.. Submit a ticket to them.. Tell them your issue, provide with screen-shot and also your user ID.

You can go to Zynga Support team by clicking on Support link on your right top corner on the game.

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Change Your Mafia Wars Character

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 7:14 PM

Great Mafia Wars News..Tired becoming a Maniac or Mogul or Fearless ? Now we can change our mafia wars class or character or type easyly. This is a great news....Yahoo !! Lets tell our friend..This is really good news !!

You can visit GodFather and asks him to change your class.. of course you have to give him 15 of your Reward Points..

You have 3 options of class : Mogul, Fearless or Maniac.



What about the Top Mafia bonus?

Well I have tried it.. nothing's changing with it!

For example : If you were a Fearless type and you are the Wheelman of many people from mafia family.. even if you change your class character type from Fearless to Maniac or Mogul.. you are still the Wheelman of those people!

If you want to be a Top Mafia for some people, ask them to re-promote you based on your class character now..

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Trick To Get Reward Point

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 6:01 PM

For some people. there is the option of watching a video and earn 2 points godfather. But if you're unlucky. You can do the following steps.

1- you need find your facebook ID......
2- Paste this link in new tab. And replace "YOURIDHERE" to your facebook ID.
3- Wacth a video or move the slider to the end.
4- Write something in "Name the people who have inspired you to reach your goals:"
5- Click in "Post" and waiting 20 seconds.
6- Finish....


Try this trick..and you will get free reward point .. you also can post comment below this post...

P.S: This trick post by my mafia wars member "Gustavo Miki".

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Mafia Wars Mystery Bag Trick

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 5:18 PM

Latest Greatest Mafia Wars tips and tricks about Mystery Bag feature..

You can get random 5 Item From your Wishlist

There is one trick to get the loot you want if you get the random 5 from your Mafia Wars wishlist. It will not gift Lotto Collections, Valentine's Day or the Mystery Bag Collection items. So if you put one or two of those up and the one or two item that you want, you will get 5 of them when that one comes up.

Example :

I want to have 5 shturmovik or 5 executive overcoat, so I put slot Machine (from Lotto Collections) + shturmovik + executive overcoat . Better just 2 Lotto Collections and 1 item that you really want.

After a open a mystery bag collection, I got mafia wars item like at my wishlist. See below..

Also get this item too...

Four Toed Dragon

Year of The Tiger


So, lets do this trick...and get greatest mafia wars item that your wish (^.^)

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Who Behind Facebook Account

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 5:42 AM

‘The average U.S. Internet user spends more time on Facebook than on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia, and Amazon combined. Think about that for a moment.’ -Mashable

Average Social Gamer: 43-Year-Old Woman
And more stats about social gaming:

‘Next time someone complains about how much time kids these days waste playing online games, bust out the results of this study: the average player is a 43-year-old woman. And they play a lot. The exploding popularity on Facebook and other sites of titles such as Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Happy Aquarium has redefined the genre of so-called social games.

GigaOm rounds up some other findings of the study by game-maker PopCap, which covered both the US and the UK:

38% of female social gamers play several times a day, vs. 29% of men.
Two-thirds play every day, nearly all play multiple times a week, and more than 60% say their sessions last more than half an hour.
Only 6% are age 21 or younger.’ -GigaOm

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Facebook Statistics - Feb 2010

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 5:23 AM

Company Figures
  • More than 400 million active users
  • 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • More than 35 million users update their status each day
  • More than 60 million status updates posted each day
  • More than 3 billion photos uploaded to the site each month
  • More than 5 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each week
  • More than 3.5 million events created each month
  • More than 3 million active Pages on Facebook
  • More than 1.5 million local businesses have active Pages on Facebook
  • More than 20 million people become fans of Pages each day
  • Pages have created more than 5.3 billion fans

Average User Figures
  • Average user has 130 friends on the site
  • Average user sends 8 friend requests per month
  • Average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook
  • Average user clicks the Like button on 9 pieces of content each month
  • Average user writes 25 comments on Facebook content each month
  • Average user becomes a fan of 4 Pages each month
  • Average user is invited to 3 events per month
  • Average user is a member of 13 groups

International Growth
  • More than 70 translations available on the site
  • About 70% of Facebook users are outside the United States
  • Over 300,000 users helped translate the site through the translations application.

  • More than one million developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180 countries
  • Every month, more than 70% of Facebook users engage with Platform applications
  • More than 500,000 active applications currently on Facebook Platform
  • More than 250 applications have more than one million monthly active users
  • More than 80,000 websites have implemented Facebook Connect since its general availability in December 2008
  • More than 60 million Facebook users engage with Facebook Connect on external websites every month
  • Two-thirds of comScore’s U.S. Top 100 websites and half of comScore’s Global Top 100 websites have implemented Facebook Connect

  • There are more than 100 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
  • People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice more active on Facebook than non-mobile users.
  • There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products

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Mafia Wars Mystery Bag Gift

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 12:14 AM

Lets see whats mafia wars item that you will get from Mafia Wars Mystery Bag Collections.

Now, we must look this mafia wars mystery bag at our home notification page.. It is using flash so make sure you have the updated version of flash software..

Below its a example when you get mafia wars mystery bag from your mafia wars friend. After you click at button to open it you will get notifications that will say like " Don bee gifted you a Mystery Bag that could drop Limited Editions items, Godfather Point (Reward Point) and more! "..

So far this is all I know about the Mystery Bag content items :

  • Chinese New Year Collection (random)
  • 10% discount on Godfather points purchase
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • 1 Godfather point
  • LE Huey
  • Konstantin Cargo Carrier
  • 10 free skill points
  • New York Collection Items (Onyx Cuff-links, Gold Cigar, etc)
  • Boost (Injunction, etc)
  • Mr. Pinchy (new gift item)
  • New York consumables (UCP, etc)
  • 5 items from your wishlist (so make sure you have valuable items there!)

Here are some of screenshots when i get mafia wars free loots :

I would love if you share me the gifts of Chinese New Year Collection items.. since nobody can have them so far.. I bet they are hard to find..

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Mafia Wars Mystery Bag

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 9:37 PM

Latest Greatest Mafia Wars Collection : MYSTERY BAG!

This collections special for chinese new year.. Really great collection. We can get mafia wars item for free and also will get free reward point..This really great...

So this is a collection that we have to obtain from my mafia wars free gifts .. Yes, we have some new free-gift items.. See below screenshot..

If you receive the free-gifts of Mystery Bag, you can have a chance to collect them all here as the collection :

Since they're random item you'll get, make sure you have a lot of mafias to fulfill your collections or you can trade your missing items with them.

One thing that you have to be sure is, do not send other item as free-gift.. send Mystery Bag only!

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Another way to get free mafia wars reward point. To get this free mafia wars reward point, you must follow step below.You will get 2 Free GodFather Points. This is a one-time survey from Visa..So, grab this opportunity...

Follow this simple step :

1. Go to GodFather page.
2. Scroll down and you should see an offer from Visa for 2 free Reward Points. It's a one question survey.

3. Watch the video clip that pops up. Finish the survey and when you go back to the game, you will have extra 2 GF.

But, not all mafia wars member will get this offer !

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Mafia Wars Master Loots Glitch

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 3:42 PM

Great Mafia Wars loots calls "The Drakon" [Vehicle] is The best offensive vehicle in the game! This is the great item that you should have.

This item you can get by mastering the Episode 6 in Moscow and become Matyoryj Pakhan.

There is also a Very interesting glitch about this item, some lucky player can get The Drakon item more than once see below screen-shot for more info.

Special Loots Glitch

This Player Got 6 Drakons! This is the best loots that you can get from glitch! I also have it,but just get 3 Drakon... Whats about you?? Check your loot now, maybe your are lucky mafia member that have 10 Drakon..

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Show Only Mafia Wars Link in Facebook

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 1:05 AM

This is the most greatest mafia wars trick. Many other mafia member that say, when they have bigger mafia wars member with larges facebook member, they will hard to find mafia wars publication link like link to help doing jobs, help friend when he/she make a wars and etc... This is the common problem when playing mafia wars with a large/biggest facebook member...

For this post, i will tech you about facebook/mafia wars trick, how to view only mafia wars publication or content without mix with other non-mafia wars link .

This is a simple trick, but its will help more when playing mafia wars. To make this trick happens, we only need to filter all facebook publication and just view mafia wars link at facebook recent post home page.

Click Link Below and You will see, only Mafia Wars link that will show up in your facebook home page.

[ ]

Try this trick..and you will see how goods its will work .. you also can post comment below this post...

P.S: This trick post by my mafia wars member "Gustavo Miki".

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New Mafia Wars Properties List

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 7:08 PM

The new properties change is now live for all mafia wars players. Check it out:

Some of the properties have changed names. Furthermore, some properties need to be collected as often as every 2 hours, whereas others only need to be collected once every other day. For most players (included myself), the properties with a collect time of less than 24 hours just lost a lot of value.

Here is the property list:

Louie's Deli (can not be upgraded) - needs to be collected hourly.

Flophouse - needs to be collected every 8 hours.

Pawnshop - needs to be collected every 24 hours.

Tenement - needs to be collected every 48 hours.

Warehouse - needs to be collected every 12 hours.

Restaurant - needs to be collected every 2 hours.

Dockyard - needs to be collected every 8 hours.

Office Park - needs to be collected every 12 hours.

Uptown Hotel - needs to be collected every 24 hours.

Mega Casino - needs to be collected every 48 hours.

Undeveloped lots were automatically converted into cash for mafia wars players lots are no longer purchaseable.

Players also now upgrade their buildings rather than buy new ones. If you had 300 mega casinos prior to the update, you will now have a "Level 300 Mega Casino".

Overall, this appears to be a nerf as some properties need to be collected manually every few hours, whereas before, many people did not have to collect a take at all (myself included).

The real purpose behind this change (I hope) is to allow players to rob each other's high level properties for some big money $ and also give property some unique features (hence the map that is "Coming Soon".

I'm looking forward to it, and will withhold further judgment until more information becomes available.

I also have no idea what will happen for people with rackets, and if those influence points will be refunded. Good luck!

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Cant do Mafia Wars Bangkok Jobs

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 6:33 PM

Some Mafia Wars players have lots of problems with the New Mafia Wars city and Bangkok.

For example here's a Bug that Disallow the player from doing the opposing gang's jobs if this player got the allied status in one of them,

See Screen-Shot below:

This Mafia Wars Player, Get the following error: "You cannot do jobs for the opposing gang!" When he was trying to do a "Help Triad" Job, in the episode 2, Criminal:

Hope they will fix this bug soon as fast as possible..

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Bangkok Success Tips

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:36 PM

Here's a few things you need to know before you venture out to conquer the Bangkok Part of Mafia wars...

There are 6 Tiers in total and 4 Levels of mastery (Bronze>Silver>Gold>Diamond)
  • Brawler
  • Criminal
  • Pirate
  • Commandant
  • Oyabun
  • Dragon Head
1. Bangkok is VERY ENERGY INTENSIVE - Make sure you have a lot of energy if you are looking at mastering stuff in bangkok.

2.If you aren't on MW -Bangkok yet , stock up on cell phones, Moscow top 6 Loot , As you will need a lot of them to get through tiers in bangkok

3. Don't Leave B$ (Baht) unbanked , Money is pretty precious in bangkok so use it all wisely and goof ups and you wont be finishing a tier that day , This applies mostly to the ones starting off bangkok with not a lot of Energy Skill

4.Try Buying businesses with the money which you get by doing help jobs , That will give you a head start over others starting off with you at the same time .

5.Once again - Use your money wisely , Buy only the Inventory needed for jobs , The money saved in the bank is almost like adding up giving upgrades to businesses etc.

6.The Experience to Energy ratio in bangkok is PATHETIC , it gradually keeps getting better when progressing from 1 mastery tier to another , And dont be disheartened if there isnt any loot dropping from jobs , Because that too is even more HORRENDOUS

7.If you are having a mafia wars account with rackets , then you possess a gold mine , you just need to exploit it pretty well , those truck drivers rock , and those tiny -6 Energy costs add up and give you a job or two as a bonus

Thats all from Bangkok for now , Bookmark this blog for further mafia wars reference.

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Great mafia wars special chinese tiger loot! Spend your reward points now and get this special loot..Dont wait, this is the greatest mafia wars loot.. Only for 25 Reward Points and we can get special chinese tiger loot that have stat 26 attack, 48 defense. Absolutely Great, this item really useful and look very wild .

If you wanna buy this one, just go to your mafia Home page or GodFather page. Buy it while you can, my friends.. or wait until there is another Sale event to buy it cheap!

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Mafia Wars Skill Points

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:14 AM

Each time you do a Mafia Wars job, you get progressively closer to mastering it. Once you've mastered a particular mafia wars job, you'll be rewarded with a
mafia wars skill point. You also can get mafia wars skill points by leveling up (learn trick to level up faster) . You can use the mafia wars skill points you acquire to improve your character in a few different ways. Some of these are more beneficial than others though, so you'll want to spend your skill points wisely.

You can use
mafia wars skill points to increase your maximum health, stamina, or energy levels. You can also use them to raise your attack and defense ratings. Early on in the mafia wars game, your main priority needs to be getting jobs done and making money. Since your ability to do this depends solely on how much energy your character has, you need to invest your mafia wars skill points in building up your energy max first.

There's really no reason to invest any
mafia wars skill points in any of the other areas at the beginning of the game. If you want to fight a lot later on, you can put some skill points towards your health and stamina maximums then. Plus, you can always go to the hospital to refill your health for a relatively small sum of money if you have to.

It's not a good idea to go out and get into a bunch of fights right away if you want to move up quickly though. This will just cause you to divide your attention and resources in too many ways at once. Your priorities need to be in order if you want to succeed in Mafia Wars. Early on, you have very limited resources. Save those warrior instincts for later on when you've got some cash to spare and a well equipped mafia behind you.

Increasing your
mafia wars character's attack and defense ratings isn't a wise investment either. The equipment and weapons you'll acquire and the size of your mafia will contribute much more to your ability to win fights and protect your assets. Of course, you can't buy weapons without cash, so it's much better to invest in increasing your energy so you can get more jobs done fast.

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Mafia Wars Energy

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:12 AM

Your Mafia Wars energy level is the element that will have the greatest direct influence on your ability to keep playing and completing jobs. Each job you take on will reduce your energy by a set amount. Once you're out of energy, you can't do any more jobs. Just like your health and stamina, your energy level will go back up over time. If you want to be able to keep playing for more than a few minutes at a time though, you'll want to do something to increase your energy stores.

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Mafia Wars Stamina

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:09 AM

Your Mafia Wars stamina doesn't go down quickly, but if you get into a lot of fights, you'll eventually make a dent in it. It also refills over time, or you can buy a refill from the Godfather. It'll also cost you a stamina point to have someone put on the hitlist. Unless you're fighting a lot though, this isn't something you need to worry about too much.

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Mafia Wars Health

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:06 AM

Your Mafia Wars health will only decrease as the result of a fight. The degree to which you were outmatched in the fight will determine how much health you lose. If you don't pick a lot of fights, you won't have to worry too much about this. You'll still want to keep an eye on it though, as others will often pick fights with you. Depending on the circumstances, you can let your health gradually refill over time, go to the hospital and pay cash to have it refilled, or buy a refill from the Godfather with reward points.

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Latest Popular Song By :
Rod Stewart & Amy Belle - I Dont Want To Talk About It

Rod Stewart & Amy Belle- I Dont Want To Talk About It Lyrics
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I don't wanna' talk about it
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If I stay here just a little bit longer
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Note : Hope your enjoys [ by Greatest Mafia Wars ]

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Greatest Mafia Wars

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 8:54 PM

Mafia Wars is probably the most popular online games on Facebook for today. Mafia Wars has become a huge and even though it can be a rough beginning, trying to figure the game out, it is addictive. But you can learn more about how to play and conquer mafia wars with the easier way from greatest mafia wars site ( You can bookmark it for further reference...

In this mafia wars games, the main objectives are to grow our mafia wars family and to level up ( your will get respect from other mafia member).

Getting family members basically involves inviting friends to be in your mafia. Levels can be gained by completing jobs or winning fights.You also can level up faster when you using mafia wars trick to level up faster (Click HERE to Learn how level up faster). This simple yet entertaining concept has literally taken Facebook, Myspace and other social networks.

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Surefire Trading Challenge

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 5:46 PM

What good about this Surefire Trading Challenge System?

The top six winners profited from about 150 to 2,300 return in the forex in one month by applying their own secret trading methods from a forex trading competition.

In December 2008, 569 professional and amateur traders competed for the most profitable trading system in the forex market under the same ground rules. Some traders have a full-time job. Each of system has been carefully verified to make sure what they claimed is true, that they made at least ten trades during the month and they achieved the results in one month. The results were verified day-by-day and trade-by-trade.

Only 6 made the cut. Each unique part of the six systems is laid out in a simple format you can understand. Here are top 6 winners and you will get all forex system that they use :

1st Place : Ahmad Selihin Che
(2,307.78. His demo account grew from $3,000 to $69,233.)

2nd Place : Nurudeen Usmen (1,120.77. $1,000 to $11,207.77 on demo account)
3rd Place : Udochi Paul Ebere (1,014.05. $5,000 to $50,702.60 on demo account)
4th Place : Obiliza Manan (927.93. $92.17 to $855.27 on live account)
5th Place : Marcos Fernandez Michelena (200.12. $63.86 to $127.80 on live account)
6th Place : Janett Marie Braun (156.23. $435.91 to $681.04 on live account)

Benefits of Surefire Trading Challenge :

1. Your account might increase to much degree in one month by using one of the methods developed and taught by the winners.

2. You can get insights of how to manage risks wisely. The winners risk management techniques are very specific and eye opening.

Find it at "Buy Cheap Online" Store (Right Side)

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Amazing Killer Text

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 5:09 PM

From Killer Text v3 Owner,

Hope I got your attention with the cool looking text above. And it's true, I can teach you how you can create text exactly like that yourself, even if you're a complete design newbie.

Using this killer text is an easy way to instantly spice up all of your graphics within minutes.

The fact is that typography plays a major part in any design. And if you have good enough looking text, you don't even need any images. Killer text will spice up and make ANY design better.

To give you an example, here is a example text that i created using Killer Text 3...

As you can see the box above does not have any graphics or images on it. All it has is cool looking text creatively positioned throughout the box cover.

You can do the same for all your eCovers, website graphics, or even print graphics. You can apply this Killer Text to any type of graphics and make them look better instanly.

So what does it take to create this cool text?

Basically, killer text boils down to 3 things:
  1. Fonts
  2. Layer Styles
  3. 3D action scripts.
Combining these 3 things together will create truly eye popping text effects. And the good news is that I've done all the legwork and compiled a nice collection of fonts, layer styles and actions for you to use.

These are the same "shortcuts" I use myself to design graphics for my clients, the same clients that pay me $100 and hour. Now I want to hand you all of these shortcuts so you can easily do what I do.

It's really simple to create killer text yourself once you have all these "shortcuts" in place.

Killer Text Is As Easy As
Pressing A Few Buttons...

I created a short video showing Killer Text 3 in action. This video has no sound or instructions, but it will give you a good idea of what
Killer Text 3 is all about.....

It really is as simple as I show you above. All you have to do is...
  1. Choose a killer font
  2. Apply a killer layer style
  3. Run an action script to turn the text 3D

And each of these steps literally takes just a few clicks of the mouse.

That's it, that's all it takes. I made the whole process as easy as possible so ANYONE can do this.

You don't have to spend hours going through tutorials.

You don't have to search the web for the best fonts.

You don't have to spend any time or effort at all.

Just click a few buttons and you get cool looking text.

How Much Does This Thing Cost?

This is a brand new product, and I'm honestly not sure how much I'm going to charge for this product yet. I'm leaning towards a $97 price tag, and I might settle on $47 or $67. But, as an introductory offer I'm going to give you a discount....

You can get this package today for the introductory low price of...




$6.88 Only!

Take Advantage Of The Limited Time Low Discount Price Today!

P.S. You need Adobe Photoshop 6 or higher (7, CS, CS2, CS3) to use the actions scripts from this package. The layer styles and fonts will work with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. So you will need one of these programs installed on your computer to use it.

P.P.S. I created all of the layer styles and action scrtipts myself, specifically for this package. You cannot get these styles anywhere outside this package. The fonts I got from freeware font sites, after hours of digging around. I will send the fonts over to you so you don't have to waste your time.

*Requirements: Photoshop 7, CS, CS2 or CS3.
*Works on both PC and Mac

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Hubpages Blueprint V2

Experts Gloss Over Web 2.0 Traffic Magnet!

Average Joe Reveals The Stupid-Simple Hottest Web 2.0 Traffic Property That Brought In 10,658 FREE Visitors in 6 Days

Here's All The Trimmings:
  1. HubBlueprint in PDF Format
  2. Professional Front End Sales Page
  3. Professional Upsell Page
  4. Professional eBook Cover Graphics
  5. 100 Control of Your Future Income

"How About Some Quick Facts"
  1. Hub Pages Carry a PR of 6
  2. Hub Pages is Looked at by Google as Authoritative
  3. It has 56,000 Links Coming in From Yahoo
  4. It's Alex Ranking is 220 What that Means to You is....
Did I mention...

Google Loves Hubpages!

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Google Ads For Free

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:52 PM

Get Google Ads For Free!!! - The Real Revised Version, Dont Be fooled by the other out that claim to be Google Ads. (This works, It really works. Awesome!!!)

"Internet Marketer Gets $87 Million in Google Pay-Per-Click Ads FREE! ... And Makes Over $314 Million as a Result! ... And Now He's Going to Give You This Same Secret for Next to Nothing!"

Everyday Google sells several $10 millions in pay-per-clicks. But I get all mine absolutely FREE and now I am going to show you how to get yours FREE also!

Thats right Start Sharing in the *Incredible* Secret So Few Others Know About that Allow Them to Actually Get All Their Pay-Per-Click Advertising Absolutely FREE!

Fast facts about this amazing NEW SECRET!...

This is an incredible system developed by none other than Dr Jon Cohen, MD (retired) who found a little-known twist in how to use the pay-per-click (PPC) and paid-for targeted advertising programs at Google and the other search engines.

Dr Jon has personally used this to:

Eliminate over $87 million in otherwise paid-for and PPC ads at Google and other search engines over the course of about 9 years now!

Generate over $314 million in product sales as a result of this incredible savings!
Acquire a personal wealth of more than $68 million! (Net)
Start and develop 16 online ventures of his own.

Has coached live where he taught others this same amazing formula - including 198 executives from major Fortune 500 and FortuneSM 1000 companies, 14 representatives of publicly-traded companies on the New York Stock ExchangeSM (NYSE), 82 more on the NASDAQ®, 5 members of investment houses on the American Stock ExchangeSM (AMEX), as well as at least one former US Congressman (now retired also) who now stays at home and runs a home-based online family business, among countless others.

This system has nothing to do with Google vouchers or AdWords credits.

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