Surefire Trading Challenge

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What good about this Surefire Trading Challenge System?

The top six winners profited from about 150 to 2,300 return in the forex in one month by applying their own secret trading methods from a forex trading competition.

In December 2008, 569 professional and amateur traders competed for the most profitable trading system in the forex market under the same ground rules. Some traders have a full-time job. Each of system has been carefully verified to make sure what they claimed is true, that they made at least ten trades during the month and they achieved the results in one month. The results were verified day-by-day and trade-by-trade.

Only 6 made the cut. Each unique part of the six systems is laid out in a simple format you can understand. Here are top 6 winners and you will get all forex system that they use :

1st Place : Ahmad Selihin Che
(2,307.78. His demo account grew from $3,000 to $69,233.)

2nd Place : Nurudeen Usmen (1,120.77. $1,000 to $11,207.77 on demo account)
3rd Place : Udochi Paul Ebere (1,014.05. $5,000 to $50,702.60 on demo account)
4th Place : Obiliza Manan (927.93. $92.17 to $855.27 on live account)
5th Place : Marcos Fernandez Michelena (200.12. $63.86 to $127.80 on live account)
6th Place : Janett Marie Braun (156.23. $435.91 to $681.04 on live account)

Benefits of Surefire Trading Challenge :

1. Your account might increase to much degree in one month by using one of the methods developed and taught by the winners.

2. You can get insights of how to manage risks wisely. The winners risk management techniques are very specific and eye opening.

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