Bangkok Properties - Baht Money Glitch

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:24 PM

Another Great Mafia Wars Bangkok glitch... Hurry!! This is the huge opportunities. I know we all tired when collecting Baht in Bangkok and I'm so glad that this Greatest glitch happen..

Note : This glitch only happen if you have new Properties in New York!

So,Whats we should do NOW ??

1. First,go to Properties page in New York.. Once again, This trick only for new Properties. Do not do anything there and do not collect your money yet!

2. Open another Mafia Wars in another tab (Do not leave Properties in the first tab).Right click mouse at New Your Properties Link to open new tab. Then at the second tab, you must ravel to Bangkok.

See above image, so far,this player only have Baht$ 764.

3. Now go to the first tab where is Properties page in New York. Now, you can click on Collect All button now.

After doing that step, you will get a lots of New York money..

4. Now go see your money on the second tab in Bangkok. Fantastic!! Also get a lots of Baht..

Now, we can buy Faction Store items with easy! Because we have money....
Tell other Mafia Member...Opportunities not come always,so, grab it while we still can get it..

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