Facebook New Layout

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 7:08 AM

New York: Facebook Doppelganger & Facebook new layout: Facebook begins rolling Facebook new homepage. Facebook is going for a makeover. Reports have surfaced that the internally-acclaimed social networking site is redesigning its home page. Also the site confirmed the report.

Kathleen Loughlin, a spokeswoman for Facebook said computer experts are working overnight to introduce change so that users can easily access it different feature.

However, till now the site has not released all the details about changes it’s going to introduce. It is expected that Facebook will unveil redesign details of late.

This is not the first time that the site is making effort to bring in some changes. The site had tried its hand last October. But it backtracked after hundreds of its users expressed their unhappiness over the changes. Besides, many were upset with the new changes and claimed they were having difficulties in using the site. That time too the officials at the popular site had made changes claiming that thing would become smoother. It would be interesting to see how the users react this time.

However, Facebook must have learned lessons from its earlier goof-up. Computer mavens are of the opinion that this time the site would be extra-careful in its makeover. And everybody loves a more user friendly website.

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