Now Zynga has applied newest properties type on New York city to some group of Mafia Wars players. While some players still not get update for this newest New York properties type..

Whats you should know is,the system that used for this newest properties type is now similar with business, where we can upgrade it and the higher upgrade gives the higher payout. It also has similar system as Rackets.. We have to collect all to get the money, but I dont know if there is a "busted" feature if we fail to collect them in time..

Below are the screen shots of new properties in New York..

They also have mention that the new properties will need you to install flash software.. so you should prepared for this upgrade.

For Mafia Wars member who has not obtained the "Cashing Out" Achievement yet (Earned by selling 50 Mega Casinos) or other achievements dealing about properties, you might wanna do it soon. In case there will be harder for you to invest your money in properties when robbing is back!

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