Mafia Wars Master Loots Glitch

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 3:42 PM

Great Mafia Wars loots calls "The Drakon" [Vehicle] is The best offensive vehicle in the game! This is the great item that you should have.

This item you can get by mastering the Episode 6 in Moscow and become Matyoryj Pakhan.

There is also a Very interesting glitch about this item, some lucky player can get The Drakon item more than once see below screen-shot for more info.

Special Loots Glitch

This Player Got 6 Drakons! This is the best loots that you can get from glitch! I also have it,but just get 3 Drakon... Whats about you?? Check your loot now, maybe your are lucky mafia member that have 10 Drakon..

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