Greatest Mafia Wars Information!!

Latest Mafia Wars for Gift Safe House applications.. Fill your Mafia Love Meter with some love and you will get the surprise reward loot.

Like usual, you must ask your mafia to get gifts from them. Then choose your best mafia only and make sure you return in favour by sending back their gift request.

If your mafia love you (give positive respond ), you'll get this..

If they don't (or perhaps don't understand about this gifting yet), you'll have this..

If your love meter is full, you'll get the title of "Star-Crossed Lover" 100% and you receive the bonus of Mafia Cupid!

Here is the stats of this powerful weapon :

I think we can get 3x of Cupid by filling our Mafia Love Meter 3 times. And after that we can still collect our gifts but it doesn't give us more Cupid..

I also been searching for the answer of what if we got all nastiness instead of love. Is there a reward for collecting them all? The answer is NO!

So don't send Rotten Chocolate or Wilted Roses to your mafia.. I heard that it replaces better weapons on your fight list and you can't get rid of them once you have them. It also reduces your gifts by 5%! Alert your mafia members about this... Send them some love!

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