Mafia Wars Properties Upgrade

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 3:45 AM

We have more cool updates coming your way on Mafia Wars! This time we're revamping the New York properties. We'll be introducing some changes to promote the return of robbing, so read on and check out the upgrades we're planning on making...

1) We'll have properties switched to Flash mode, so make sure you have the latest version (Get Adobe).

2) We'll be getting rid of 'undeveloped space'. The costs of undeveloped space will be folded into the costs of the updated properties. If you currently have any undeveloped properties, it’ll be sold off and you'll have your money returned to you.

3) Instead of owning 30 Mega Casinos, you will have 1 Mega Casino, but it will have been upgraded 30 times.

4) You won't be able to sell properties anymore, but you can continue to upgrade them. If you still haven't earned your "Cashing Out" achievement, do it soon!

5) All properties will have the same payout over time that they currently do, but some of the rates will change. They will take between 8 hours and 2 days to fill up. For example, say you currently owned 2 mega casinos. They produce $1,800,000 every 3 hours for you to collect. In the new system, you will now own a single level 2 Mega Casino, and it will produce $28,800,000 every 48 hours for you to collect.

6) You can only collect on your property once it is done producing. There will be progress bars and countdown timers letting you know how long it will be before you can collect on each property.

7) Properties will no longer "shut down". *Note: This only affects users who have started playing in the last few months.

8) People who have Rackets will be folded into the new system as well, but that change will take place a week or two after the launch of the new properties.

An important point we want to emphasize is that you will NOT be losing any money when we change the New York properties; it will all stay within the game. These upgrades are going hand-in-hand with the robbing feature that we'll be bringing back due to popular demand.

Stay tuned, there's more to come!

QA About Properties VS Rackets

Q: Why are you changing the system?

A: We felt that the current system was a bit clumsy. Having to purchase an empty lot and then convert it over into the property you actually wanted added unnecessary steps that didn't add anything to the Gameplay. While the new layout is going to be a bit different, it should also look cleaner and will be easier to use. As noted in the original post, it also is a step towards the reintroduction of robbing.

Q: I don't want to have to click on a dozen different properties to collect my income.

A: We are going to include a "Collect All" button - as you can see in the screenshot posted - so a visit to the properties page doesn't need to be a clicking extravaganza (unless that's something you really enjoy).

Q: I use Rackets; what happens to the points I've put into Influence?

A: We are going to make sure that all skill points spent on Influence are refunded to players who have invested in that stat, to be reallocated as you wish.

Q: I liked my boost rackets and don't want to give them up!

A: While we understand that players with rackets have come to enjoy some of the benefits that come from that system, having two different groups of players using completely different property systems was not an ideal situation and made the reintroduction of robbing more or less impossible to accomplish.

The initial businesses in New York are going to be cash only. However, we have plans to introduce new businesses that produce other goods down the road.

Q: How is robbing going to work?

A: I can't give out all of the details on robbing just yet, as they haven't been completely worked out, but all properties we roll out initially will be robbable, with the exception of Mafia Mikes and Louie's Deli. Players will have a certain period of time after their property has finished production to return and claim the income before the property becomes vulnerable to robberies. We'll be releasing more details on robbing as we approach it's launch date.

Q: What about the businesses in the other cities?

A: We plan to roll this system out to the other cities in the near future (including the ability to rob businesses in each of the other cities).

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