Bangkok Open To All

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:42 PM

Now The GodFather has opened Bangkok!

For some groups of players, they will have more passports to share with friends.. My main account didn't have more passports because I have sent to 3 friends before.. But then I have 4 more passports instantly!

And so my other accounts who has no ability to share passports.. now able to send 2 or 3 of them.. Also we can loots the passport from doing jobs! And able to send the passport right away to our friend.

Now there are also 3 choices of getting passport to Bangkok.. I have posted about it several days before..
You can see the clerk, buy with 30 Godfather Points or simply ask from your friends.

I really not suggest you to spend your 30 Reward Points (although you'll have 3 passport to share), I suggest you to get it for free! Ask your mafias or visit the clerk.. if you're not lucky, you have to wait for 20 hours to try again.. and if you're lucky.. see below screen-shot!

Zynga said that our goal for this passport distribution system is to maintain a steady flow of users coming into the new city to keep the Bangkok servers running smoothly for everyone. We want to provide exciting and uninterrupted game play for all, while giving you a fun and challenging obstacle to conquer.. (taken from the official blog).

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