Bangkok Job Help Glitch

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:32 PM

For some players Bangkok is so hard to play because we always lack of Baht money there.. but there is one glitch that can help you to get 1 XP and some amount of Baht.

How to Do? Follow step below :

1. Visit Bangkok first

2. Copy this link to your browser and enter :,%22job_id%22%3A%2237%22,%22skip_interstitial%22%3A%221%22%7D

3. Go to your FaceBook wall and copy this link to your FaceBook wall comment and tell your friend to click it... and CHANGE XXXXXX with your own ID :,%22job_city%22%3A%224%22%7D

Each mafia who help you got this (only for 10 persons) :

4. Wait for a while and visit Moscow after 10 persons help you. You will get this :

Will Works 12 hour/time.

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