Mafia Wars Lonely Heart

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 12:56 AM

Great New Mafia Wars for limited time offers...

This weapon have a great stat.. Its good to be our collections For me, to get reward points is so easy (click here to get best trick how to get easy reward point).. and to spend it also easy but will glad and happy if we spend it for a great Mafia Wars item. Like this one.

I know that lots of advance users don't want to spend 25 of their reward points to buy 1 item only. They love to raise their Attack and/or Defense points to strengthen their mafia..

But again, there are lots of collectors out there who doesn't really care of kicking butts! They enjoy the game by collecting all Limited Time Offers from our beloved GodFathers. Especially because they have lots of Reward Points to spend.

This is all depends on what type of mafia players you are..

If you wanna buy this one, just go to your mafia Home page or GodFather page. Buy it while you can, my friends.. or wait until there is another Sale event to buy it cheap!

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