For this post, I will discuss about hots Mafia Wars consumables in Bangkok : DRUG SHIPMENT!

Drug Shipments is just like Politico Corrupto in Cuba. We have a business to produce it.. the price for first buying the business is 45K Baht! And you have to unlock the job first : Buy Some Chemicals On The Black Market

And if you have fully upgrade the business.. we can collect about 50 Drug Shipments every 3 hours or 100 Drug Shipments for 20 Reward Points!

This is insane!!! Now they make us to pay using our Reward Points!!!

I have not counted how many we need those Drug Shipments! But we surely need them on the job (one in episode 4 & one on episode 5). You have to remember that we have 4 level mastery.. so imagine how many Drug Shipments we'll need!

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