Great Mafia Wars - Tips Become Strong

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:35 AM

I have been playing Mafia Wars for quite some time and have built numerous characters so I thought I would pass along four simple things that are the basis of creating a strong character.

1) Use your Energy effectively

This is probably the most important thing in Mafia Wars.If you want to level quickly you need to make sure that you put your energy to the best use. Visit one of the bookmarklet pages and pick up a tool to help you determine how to manage your energy when completing jobs.

2) Linear Jobs

Complete jobs in a linear manner for the best results in the long run. If you are starting a new character begin with the Street Thug tier and complete all three levels of it before moving on. Resist the urge to jump around on the tiers simply because you are high enough level for them. This holds true for expansion as well. Visit them to get your business started then forget about them except for collecting your business payouts.

3) Build a Strong Mafia

Spend time visiting add me pages or add me email pages to build your Mafia. Only 500 of your mafia may participate in a fight but having a huge mafia is a boon in and of itself. Some of the advantages of having a large mafia are completing collections and re-vaulting for boosts. You will be surprised how quickly you can finish out collections and get the bonuses by simply asking for the items. Always be sure to gift in return when you can as well.

4) Equip Your Mafia

Your mafia is only as strong as the equipment that you provide them. When you enter into combat you will provide each of the 500 members of your mafia with an offensive weapon, a defensive item, and a vehicle. Having the best is a way to ensure that you are a formidable enemy for anyone who chooses to attack you.

These four tips might seem like “no-brainers” but you would be surprised at how many people do not follow these simple ideas. Many are racing to get to the highest level they can and pay little or no attention to building and equipping a strong mafia. Others have no idea how to maximize their energy or where to find a bookmarklet to help. Use these simple tips to make your Mafia Wars experience more enjoyable.

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