Mafia Wars - Do it and Dont Do it

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:03 AM

Here are a few things that you can 'do it and don't do it' in order to be a better social network citizen.

1.) Gifting

Gifting is wonderful and everyone should participate if they can. The annoying part comes when a player publishes every gift that they give. It is much better just to gift and skip the publishing.

2.) Lotto

We all play the lotto with most of hoping for one of the super rare items from the Daily Chance Collection. Believe me they are rare, I have almost 30 accounts and have yet to get even one piece and I play every day.

Teach your young players not to publish their lotto numbers. No one cares what their numbers were and it just clutters up everyone’s wall.

3.) Hit listing

If you have been put on the hitlist there is a reason for it, most likely because you have been a pain in the ass to someone else. Remember that the person who claimed your bounty is just a person doing a job so don’t hitlist them. If you must hitlist someone then hitlist the person who paid the bounty in the first place, they are the one that caused you to be attacked.

4.) Wishlist

There is nothing wrong with posting your wishlist to your wall however doing it 20 times per day is annoying. Also, you should try to get all the collections items before going for the big stuff.

5.) Multiple Attacks

Attacking another player is part of the game but you should not get your jollies by attacking the same player repeatedly. Yes you know you can beat them at present but would you like someone doing that to you? Show a little class by and hit them a couple of time and move on to another target.

This advice does not apply to those on the hitlist since the object is to kill the character and collect a bounty. Hit these people as hard and as fast as you can.

6.) Complaining

Say you get attacked from the fight list 10 times in a row from the same person, get used to it and don’t whine about it. Yes, the person that attacked you is doing exactly what I told you not to do, but ultimately attacks are part of the game and you have to deal with it.

7.) Job Bonuses

ALWAYS post your job bonuses to the wall so others can help you and earn some experience and some cash along the way.

8.) Achievements

Only post important achievements on your wall.

These tidbits of advice will go a very long way to ensuring that you are looked upon as a considerate and thoughtful player not only in Mafia Wars but in all of the social network games that you play not to mention the networks themselves.

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