Snow Leopard

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For this upcoming year of Tiger, Zynga releases new limited edition loot. See picture below :

Do not buy it ! Big waste of your GodFather points... I suggest you to spend it on energy or skill points and raise your ATTACK & DEFENSE skill.. So you can kick your opponent!

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New York Collection

Diamond Flush Collection - 1 Energy
Heart Flush Collection - 5 Health
Heart Flush Collection - 5 Health
Sculptures Collection - 3 Defense
Poker Chips Collection - 2 Attack
Club Flush Collection - 3 Attack
Boxing Collection - 3 Attack
Cigars Collection - 2 Energy
Spade Flush Collection - 2 Stamina
Billiards Collection - 1 Stamina
Rings Collection - 4 Defense
Ties Collection - 6 Defense
Paintings Collection - 6 Energy
Cufflinks Collection - 10 Health
Barber Collection - 4 Energy
Great Race Horses Collection - 7 Energy
Daily Chance Collection -
+10% to Job loot drops
Money Laundering Collection - -3% to bank

Cuba Collection

Rum Drinks Collection - 8 Energy
Tropical Fruits Collection - 3 Stamina
Entertainers Collection - 10 Health
Tropical Fish Collection - 5 Attack
Beards Collection - 7 Defense

Moscow Collection

Prison Tattoos Collection - 6 Defense
Matryoshka Dolls Collection - 7 Energy
Russian Leaders Collection - 4 Attack
Vodka Drinks Collection - 4 Stamina
Soviet Memorabilia Collection - 10 Health
Fabergé Egg Collection - 8 Energy

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Free Mafia Wars Money

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Mafia Wars Level Up Faster - Reach Level 300 In Less Then 3 weeks.

1. Choose Maniac as your character.

2. Is to find a good pimping group then make your family to 501.

3. After you have a 501 family already vault the collections that give energy bonus ask your family to gift you these collections, that won’t be a problem because people in mafia world helps family members that ask politely and do put it on your wishlist so that it would be easy for the gifter to send you the collections. Here are the collections that gives energy bonus..

a. Diamond Flush Collection----- +1 energy bonus
b. Cigars Collection--------------+2 energy bonus
c. Painting Collection------------ +6 energy bonus
d. Barber Shop Collection--------+4 energy bonus
e. Great Horse Collection--------+7 energy bonus
f. Rum Drinks Collection---------+8 energy bonus
g.Matryoshka Dolls Collection -- +7 energy bonus
h.Feberge Egg Collection--------- +8 energy bonus

4. After you have vaulted this items you have sufficient energy to finish basics jobs easily.
  • Dont buy Casinos or properties people would not bother you if you dont have properties to be bother with. And the first rule is , Do not do to others that you dont want them to do into you, so dont rob people's properties.

5 . Master *Street Thug* it gives a Pistol Bayonet = +4% damage dealt fights.

6 . Master *Associate* it gives a Bugatti* = -7% damage received in fights.

7 . Every time you level up put all your stats in energy.

8. Important also is to only buy your GodFather Points with stats don't buy energy refills.

9. When you reach level 35 go to Cuba.

Then starting making your business thier and always remember to only attacked in CUBA not in NY when you reach level 35. Always used all your stamina for fights.

10. Master *Enforcer* Money Plate = a 5% discount on property purchases.

11. Master *Consigliere* it gives a Helicopter = a 30 second reduction on your energy regeneration timer.

12. If you want to master BOSS JOB fast you need ITRs and Blackmail Photos so ask for family members to give you some. And also start finishing all collections by asking family members for collections stuffs that you still dont have.

13. Master *Boss: Golden Throne* = 2x the energy regenerated per regeneration period.

14. After you have mastered the Boss job. Put all your stats to energy.

15. Remember, always fight in cuba and finish all your jobs thier.

16. Just attacked people that has less than 160 mafia family and you should always win in attacks.

17. After mastered all cuba jobs, focus doing jobs New York (Boss) at Settle a Beef... Permanently. Continue doing this jobs and you will level up faster .Not just you can get level 300 in 3 weeks buts you can do better up to level 500 in 3 weeks.


First make sure that the one who hitlists you is on a hitlist server that doesn’t have lag and isn’t overpopulated. If you get placed on an overpopulated hitlist, it is very likely you will be stuck there for 2 hours with minimal exp. The hitlister determines on which hitlist you will be placed on, so they should check the situation from Fight > Hitlist tab.

Now, when you are placed on hitlist, the first instinct for most people is probably to use the hospital. DON’T. You should have enough health to sustain hits for maximum experience without using the hospital. The reason is that if you use the hospital, you will linger on the hitlist too long getting hits for 0 exp and in worst case risk getting stuck on the hitlist. And if you die soon after using hospital, you can’t heal and get relisted because the hospital has a 60 second cooldown which will hurt your exp gains in the end. So only use hospital after you are dead and are ready to be hitlisted again.

Do not take it personally when someone stronger whacks you on the hitlist in seconds and you lose 6 exp. Even with 1900 defense, this happens to me occasionally. The most important thing is the overall net exp. If it seems that the overall net exp gains on multiple hitlist rides are negative, build up your defense before trying again. Don’t ever hitlist anyone that is stronger than you, you will just hand them over free exp and make your Mafia Wars profile link appear all over their newsfeed for their convenience if they want to harass you again.

That should pretty much cover it. If you’ve ever wondered how some characters have such a high fights won stat, it is because they are constantly riding the hitlist and making other people work their fights won stat.


Mafia Wars Hitlist Strategy

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Hitlist riding is a really good way to gain a lot of experience for fighter characters without spending stamina or energy. To successfully ride a hitlist you need to get at least 7 experience before you die, netting you 1 free experience. The maximum net amount of exp you can get for a successful ride is 44. That means 50 max exp, minus 6 from the desired (more about that later) and inevitable death.


The type of character that will benefit most from getting hitlisted, is a heavy defense biased fighter. Sure an all around balanced character will also benefit as long as you have sufficient defense to win most fights while on the hitlist. If you have mostly skills in energy (you are an energy account) then hitlist isn’t for you and you should check out leveling strategies for energy accounts.

A checklist for what you are going to need:

  • At least 501 sized mafia, with best defensive equipment possible. The easiest way to get very high defense as of this moment is 501 private jets, 501 camouflage body armors and 501 cane knives. These items are second rate (but still good) which means people will gift them away and their trade worth is low.
  • At least 300 defense skill. Given 501 mafia with at least the gear I mentioned, 300 defense skill will already give you rides where you net exp. Beyond this point, anyone hitlisting you is actually doing you a favor! They are using their stamina to give you free exp, how nice of them.
  • At least 240 health but do not exceed 300 health. The optimal amount of health is the amount where you can take an amount of hits enough for the 50 exp maximum and then die instantly. This is somewhere between 240 and 300. I personally have 246. Yes, you want to die as soon as you have gotten the max exp from a ride. The reason is that you can only be on one hitlist at a time, and the only way to get out is either dying or waiting 2 hours. If you die right away, you can get hitlisted for another 50 exp right away and so on. So you can get a lot more exp than 50 per 2 hours, you just have to die.
  • Street Thug title. This title attracts the most noobs and low level people on the hitlist, thus netting you the most exp.
  • Someone to hitlist you. This can be a friend of yours, someone from your mafia, someone you pissed off or another account of yours. You want at least a $800,000 bounty on your head. Low level people who still need NY cash might not even care if they are losing, as long as they get a chance to get nice chunk of money from a kill. So if the hitlist is full of people hitlisted for $8,000 you will attract the most low level players for sure.

Helpful Mafia Wars Links

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Getting Going On Jobs (Greate Tips)

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As you start out as a street thug, you'll see that energy goes fast and you need a lot of tools to run your crime organization. Use your profile points at first to go all toward your energy. In the initial stages of the game there is almost no fighting so put everything you've got initially into boosting the amount of energy you have.

Go to your inventory and pick up the basic weapons you'll need. The required tools are displayed on the same line as the job and when an item is red it means you either don't have it or need more of that particular item to do the job. Go ahead and buy everything you need to start those jobs except for maybe the motorcycle to pull the 'Rob a Pimp' job. You can save that one for last if you prefer because the motorcycle has upkeep and we haven't talked about optimizing your cash flow yet.

Do the jobs that cost more energy first. If you want to build up some cash faster, pull the job 'Collect on a Loan' because it pays high and the energy cost is very low. Don't waste your high energy on the small jobs like mugging, save that for when your energy has all run out and it recharges little by little. Then pull the small jobs.

Focus on just one job at a time as much as possible until you've mastered it. Once you master a job you're given bonus points which you can use to get more energy for more jobs.

It's entirely up to you how many point you allocate to energy. You don't need to get more stamina for fights because it recharges fast and all fights only cost 1 stamina, but energy costs are high so you need a lot of it.

Once you master all the jobs in a section, the jobs will restart at the next level. So you'll need to redo all the jobs again to remaster at thehigher level.

As you do jobs, you'll pick up lots of goodies and bonuses. This is the good thing about doing a bunch of jobs before jumping into fights. Save the fights until you've got a sizeable mafia and some good weapons and defenses in place.

Avoid the temptation for revenge while you're running jobs. Sometimes you'll be attacked. Let it go while you build your mafia's business stronger. Become strong first and then you can pick on weaker mafias all day long.

I've broken down the jobs, the tools you'll need, and the loot they give. This is your reference guide to always know exactly which job you need to do in order to get certain loot.

Street Thug (Level 1-4)

To do all the Thug jobs you'll need 1 Pistol, 1 Crowbar, 1 Sawed Off Shotgun, 1 Machine Pistol, 1 Baseball Bat, and 1 Motorcycle.

The loot you'll acquire:

.22 Pistol - Beat Up Rival Gangster
9mm Semi-Automatic - Rob A Pimp

Associate (Level 5-8)

To do all the Associate jobs you'll need 1 Crowbar, 2 Colt Pistols, 2 Sawed Off Shotguns, 3 Tommy Guns, 1 Bullet-Proof Vest, 3 Sedans, 1 Armored Sedan, 1 Delivery Truck, and 1 Motorcycle.

The loot you'll acquire:

Butterfly Knife - Collect Protection Money
Brass Knuckles - Rough Up Dealers
Tactical Shotgun - Perform a Hit
.45 Revolver - Take Out A Rouge Cop

Soldier (Level 9-12)

To do all the Soldier jobs you'll need 1 Bullet Proof Vest, 2 Tactical Shotguns, 4 Machine Pistols, 1 Chain Gun, 4 Tommy Guns, 3 Sedans, 2 Armored Sedans, and 4 Motorcycles.

The loot you'll acquire:

C-4 - Destroy Enemy Mob Hideout
Stab-Proof Vest - Kill A Protected Snitch
Automatic Rifle - Bust a Made Man Out of Prison
Semi-Automatic Shotgun - Fight a Haitian Gang
Lucky Shamrock Medallion - Clip the Irish Mob's Local Enforcer
Firebomb - Steal a Tanker Truck

Enforcer (Level 13-17)

To do all the Enforcer jobs you'll need 10 Grenades, 2 .45 Colt Revolvers, 2 Chain Guns, 10 Tommy Guns, 4 Firebombs, 3 Bullet Proof Vests, 1 Sedan, 2 Armored Sedans, 2 Luxury Town Cars, 3 Getaway Cruisers, and 2 Delivery Trucks. You will also need to run the preparation jobs to get Cards, Liquor, Tokens (Poker Chips), and Wire Tap Devices. The items acquired in preparation jobs can only be used once in a job, so you'll need to do the preparation jobs frequently to do the big ones.

The loot you'll acquire:

Armored Truck - Smuggle Across The Border
Concealable Camera/ Computer Set Up/ Untraceable Phone
- Rob and Electronics Store

Hitman (Level 18-24)

To do all the Hitman jobs you'll need 15 Chain Guns, 10 Grenades, 5 Machine Pistols, 5 Body Armors, 3 Armored Sedans, 4 Luxury Town Cars, and 10 Getaway Cruisers. You'll need to repeatedly run preparation jobs from now on to get loot drops in order to get the other items you'll need, the concealable camera and telephone wiretap devices.

The loot you'll acquire:

Grenade Launcher - Repel the Yakuza
.50 Caliber Rifle - Disrupt Rival Smuggling Ring
Armored Car - Invade Tong-Controlled Neighborhood
RPG Launcher - Sell Guns to Russian Mob
Bodyguards - Protect Your City Against A Rival Family
Night Vision Goggles - Assassinate A Political Figure
Napalm Attack - Exterminate a Rival Family
Blackmail Photos - Obtain Compromising Photos

Capo (Level 25-34)

To do all the Capo jobs you'll need 15 Chain Guns, 5 Automatic Rifles, 4 Semi-Automatic Shotguns, 1 Tactical Shotgun, 4 Tommy Guns, 1 .45 Colt Revolver, 15 Body Armors, 2 Night Vision Goggles, 2 Body Guards, 2 Untraceable Cell Phones, 4 Motorcycles, 4 Armored Trucks, 5 Luxury Town Cars, and 4 Getaway Cruisers. You'll need to repeatedly run preparation jobs to get loot drops in order to get the other items you'll need.

The loot you'll acquire:

Prop Plane - Steal An Air Freight Delivery
Harley Davidson - Run a Biker Gang Out Of Town
Illegal Transaction Records - Steal Bank Records

Consigliere (Level 35-59)

To do all the Consigliere jobs you'll need Blackmail Photos, 5 Delivery Trucks, 4 Semi-Automatic Shotguns, 2 Speed Boats, 1 Hacksaw, 1 Prop Plane, 5 Automatic Rifles, Untraceable Cell Phones, Illegal Transaction Records, 2 .22 Pistols, 10 Chain Guns, 2 .50 Caliber Rifles, 2 Night Vision Goggles, 2 Body Guards, 10 Luxury Town Cars, and 2 Grenade Launchers. You'll need to repeatedly run preparation jobs to get loot drops in order to get the other items you'll need.

The loot you'll acquire:

Luxury Yacht - Influence a Harbor Official
Porsche 911 - Ransom a Businessman's Kids
Bookie's Holdout Pistol - Fix the Big Game

Underboss (Level 60-99)

To do all the Underboss jobs you'll need Computer Set Ups, 6 Armored Trucks, 20 Chain Guns, 2 Humvees, 6 Automatic Rifles, Untraceable Cell Phones, Illegal Transaction Records, 12 Body Armors, 4 Luxury Town Cars, 4 Getaway Cruisers, 4 Armored Cars, 1 AR-15 Assault Rifle, and 4 Grenade Launchers. You'll need to repeatedly run preparation jobs to get loot drops in order to get the other items you'll need.

The loot you'll acquire:

Humvee - Break Into the Armory
AR-15 Assault Rifle - Rip Off the Armenian Mob

As you pick up items such as poker chips and cards, be sure to hang on to them. Don't waste your energy pulling the little jobs all the time. When you have lots of energy, pull the big energy jobs first and then do the little ones later. The big ones give you more experience and you'll be able to recharge your energy quicker by advancing a level.


Diamond Flush Collection (Street Thug Tier) +1 Energy
Heart Flush Collection (Associate Tier) +5 Health
Sculptures Collection (Soldier Tier) +3 Defense
Poker Chips Collection (Soldier Tier) +2 Attack
Club Flush Collection (Soldier Tier) +3 Attack
Cigars Collection (Enforcer Tier) +2 Energy
Spade Flush Collection (Enforcer Tier) +2 Stamina
Rings Collection (Hitman Tier) +5 Defense
Ties Collection (Hitman Tier) +6 Defense
Paintings Collection (Capo Tier) +6 Energy
Cufflinks Collection (Capo Tier) +10 Health
Race Horses Collection (Consigliere Tier) +7 Energy

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Daily Lottery Chance Prizes

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Prizes thats you will get after you have collect :

1 of 6 You can win a Random Collection Item.
2 of 6 You can win a free ticket.
3 of 6 You can win 5 stamina points.
4 of 6 You can win 1 skill point.
5 of 6 You can win 20 energy points.
6 of 6 You can win up to 5 reward points.

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How To Use Godfather Reward Points

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When you first get started in mafia wars, you'll have Godfather Reward Points. The tendency for new players is to spend them quickly. DON'T DO IT!!!!!

Godfather points are very difficult to obtain unless you're willing to pay real money. They are occasionally given in the game, but usually to obtain more, you are required to buy them with cash or buy related products or offers.

You can score some more Godfather reward points easily by browsing through the offers to find the ones that require very little money (like $1.39) or are completely free. There aren't very many, but there are some. Be attentive browse the offers to find them.

Never waste your Godfather points on:

- Money (you can always get it in fights and jobs)
- Restore Health (you can always go to the hospital)
- Stamina (this recharges quickly)
- Family Members (my recruiting methods are great)

DO use Godfather points on:

- Energy Refills (once you've built up your total energy points)
- Crates (sometimes it's the best way to get certain items)
- New name (it's the only way, if you get a bad rep just change)

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If you want to know how much exp you could earn via your family members. You simply click on the below link:

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If You follow this tips you don’t have to add friends in order to add them to your Mafia. Share your invitation link on your facebook profile and let others know that they can add you by clicking on the link.. If any mafia wars player clicks on your invitation link he or she will add you to their mafia without being your friend. Follow this steps :

1. First login to Face book account and take you mouse pointer over Settings.

2. Now you will see a new window with profile privacy. Now click on Basic Info and choose “everyone” from the drop down menu. After that click on Status and Links and choose “everyone” from the drop down menu. It will like (Check Highlighted Items).

4. Scroll down and click on SAVE CHANGES. Now go to mafia wars and go to your My Mafia page.

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Mastermind : 11% (Bonus: More Experience from Jobs)
Wheelman : 11% (Bonus: Less Energy Required for Jobs)
Button Man : 11%(Bonus: Increased Attack)
Bodyguard : 11% (Bonus: Increased Defense)
Safecracker : 15% (Bonus: More $ from Fights)
Bagman : 15% (Bonus: More $ from Jobs)

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Choosing Your Top Mafia

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Choose a member with many jobs completed to promote to Mastermind to get more experience points from doing jobs. Your Mastermind gains a small chance of gaining 50% more experience when performing jobs.

Choose a member with the Fearless character type and a high level to promote to Wheelman to get a reduced energy cost for jobs. Your Wheelman gains a small chance to perform jobs for no energy.

Button Man
Choose a member with the Maniac character type and a high level to promote to Button Man to get an Attack bonus. Your Button Man gains a small chance to always win fights they initiate.

Choose a member with many fights won to promote to Bodyguard to get a Defense bonus. Your Bodyguard gains a small chance to always win fights when they are attacked.

Choose a member with many successful heists to promote to Safecracker to get more money from fighting and robbing. Your Safecracker gains a small chance to gain double the money when fighting or robbing.

Choose a member with the Mogul character type and a high level to promote to Bagman to get more money from jobs. Your Bagman gains a small chance to gain double the money when performing jobs.

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Growing Your Mafia Member

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The hardest part of the game may possibly be growing your mafia. Sometimes it really depends on your social networking site or how social you are. In this guide I will show you how you can grow you mafia by recruiting members fast and successfully. Mafia Wars offers a variety of ways you can invite to recruit members into your mafia. Some ways are considered “Spam” and is against the rules of some social networking websites. Make sure you read the Terms of Use before attempting any of these methods. Below I will suggest a few simple ways you can start recruiting members to grow your mafia.

1. You can send an invitation and forward it to all your friends on your social networking website. Do this a few times until all your friends have received and responded to your invitation.

2. Join a popular Mafia Wars Group or or any general gaming forum and start posting threads with a link to your invitation to join your mafia. I suggest you to join this group [ Click Here ].

3. You can send out personal messages to your friends asking them to join your mafia. Make sure to provide the link below the message with invitation.

4. Zynga has a discussion board available to Mafia Wars user. You can recruit members there by posting a thread asking if anyone wants to join.

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You can change your name later, but there is a fairly hefty cost, so think about how you would like your Mafioso name to be. "Don" plus your last name works well and the game supports multiple people with the same name. Default Don is the most common name out there followed by all the characters from the Godfather. The more unique and memorable your name, the easier it is for friends to find you.

As for character type, here is a break down on what the choice entails. Currently, there is no way to change it once you make it, so consider carefully.

Energy: every 5 min.
Health: every 3 min.
Money: every 54 min instead of 60 min.
Stamina: every 5 min.

As Bagman: Get chance to gain double the money when performing jobs.

As a Mogul your cash flow comes every 54 minutes rather than every hour for the other character types. As a Mogul you are also the only character type eligible for being a Bagman. As a Bagman in one of your friends Top Mafia, you have the change to get double money from performing jobs.

Since we want to be generating passive income rather than earned and there is no real use for money anymore once you get to around level 40, this is the least interesting of the character types unless your friend group happens to need more eligible Bagmen options.

Energy: every 3 min instead of 5 min.
Health: every 3 min.
Money: every 60 min.
Stamina: every 5 min.

As Button Man: Get chance to always win fights initiated.

As a Maniac, your energy regenerates at a rate of 1 every 3 minutes instead of 5. You also become eligible to be a Button Man which gives you a chance to automatically win any fight you initiate. General consensus on the web before the Top Mafia changes was this was the best type to choose since energy drives a lot of your leveling. The flip side to this is if you are speed leveling, you are counting more on the energy refills from leveling up and Energy Paks than from natural regeneration. The special Top Mafia ability is not very exciting as we only initiate fights we expect to win anyway. Basically, it boils down to out of the 5-10% of fight you lose to critical hits, you win about 5% of them instead.

Energy: every 5 min.
Health: every 2 min instead of 3 min.
Money: every 60 min.Justify Full
Stamina: every 5 min.

As Wheelman: Get chance to perform jobs for no energy cost.

As a Fearless character your health regenerates at a faster rate. You also have the ability to be a Top Mafia Wheel Man which has the best special ability. Whenever you perform a job, there is a small chance that job costs no energy. Since at higher levels jobs can cost as much as 60 energy to run, this is a very non-trivial bonus and greatly aid the speed at which you level. The health regeneration itself is not a very meaningful bonus since using the hospital to top off at any point in time is a non-issue.

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Why Playing Mafia Wars ?

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There's something exciting and romantic about the lifestyle of major organized crime, as manifested by the success of mob movies such as The Godfather. The enticement of easy money, lots of power, and living on the edge of the law has spawned many successful video games.

I'm not sure any of them rival the power of Mafia Wars by Zynga in recent times. The explosion of social networking websites, specifically Myspace and Facebook has made it possible for many software companies to make a fortune by creating free, addictive games that people share with one another on these sites.

If you aren't already playing "Mafia Wars" then you are missing out on a free way to have a lot of fun and make a lot of friends. It doesn't cost a dime to play and once you're involved in the game you'll enjoy it so much you won't ever want to stop.

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About Mafia Wars

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Mafia Wars
is set in New York City and Little Italy, with the option for players to travel between New York, Cuba (level 35+), and Moscow (level 70+) and Bangkok (upon unlocking items from New York levels). The game revolves around doing and mastering jobs in order to earn cash and experience, with the goal of establishing and advancing one's criminal empire.Players create mafias by recruiting players and using reward points to hire extra mafia members. Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Friendster allow players to recruit from within their network of friends to build their mafia and fight against other players.Players can also improve their stats by visiting the God father or making a micropayment.

Gameplay revolves around timers: players have limited energy (for doing jobs), and health and stamina meters (for fighting other players), in a manner similar to an RPG game, which slowly recharges over time. With the help of other mafia members that have been recruited, players can eventually fight other players, which may or may not result in the theft of cash, "icing", or "death" of the other player. The game operates on a level up basis. The player earns experience points by completing jobs. Players who manage to complete special tasks (e.g., winning fights against bigger mafias or winning fifteen fights in a row) are labeled as having accomplished an "achievement", resulting in a bonus for the player. As they level up, more jobs and features become available, such as the ability to visit Cuba to expand their criminal empire.

After a significant in-game marketing blitz, Zynga added a new city, Moscow, on September 24, 2009. Once a player reaches level 70, they are granted access to Moscow, and they get to choose between the Thieves in Law Vory or the Russian Mafiya . Two upcoming regions are Las Vegas, coming out in 2010, and Bangkok, coming out January 2010, where the player will get to choose from the Triad and the Yakuza.The current ranks/episodes are the following: Street Thug, Associate, Soldier, Enforcer, Hitman, Capo, Consigliere, Underboss, and Boss in New York; El Soldado, El Capitan, El Jefe, El Patron, El Padrino, and El Cacique in Cuba; and Baklany, Boets, Brigadir, Avtoritet, Vor, and Pakhan in Moscow.

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