Mafia Wars Skill Points

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Each time you do a Mafia Wars job, you get progressively closer to mastering it. Once you've mastered a particular mafia wars job, you'll be rewarded with a
mafia wars skill point. You also can get mafia wars skill points by leveling up (learn trick to level up faster) . You can use the mafia wars skill points you acquire to improve your character in a few different ways. Some of these are more beneficial than others though, so you'll want to spend your skill points wisely.

You can use
mafia wars skill points to increase your maximum health, stamina, or energy levels. You can also use them to raise your attack and defense ratings. Early on in the mafia wars game, your main priority needs to be getting jobs done and making money. Since your ability to do this depends solely on how much energy your character has, you need to invest your mafia wars skill points in building up your energy max first.

There's really no reason to invest any
mafia wars skill points in any of the other areas at the beginning of the game. If you want to fight a lot later on, you can put some skill points towards your health and stamina maximums then. Plus, you can always go to the hospital to refill your health for a relatively small sum of money if you have to.

It's not a good idea to go out and get into a bunch of fights right away if you want to move up quickly though. This will just cause you to divide your attention and resources in too many ways at once. Your priorities need to be in order if you want to succeed in Mafia Wars. Early on, you have very limited resources. Save those warrior instincts for later on when you've got some cash to spare and a well equipped mafia behind you.

Increasing your
mafia wars character's attack and defense ratings isn't a wise investment either. The equipment and weapons you'll acquire and the size of your mafia will contribute much more to your ability to win fights and protect your assets. Of course, you can't buy weapons without cash, so it's much better to invest in increasing your energy so you can get more jobs done fast.

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