Bangkok Open To All

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:42 PM

Now The GodFather has opened Bangkok!

For some groups of players, they will have more passports to share with friends.. My main account didn't have more passports because I have sent to 3 friends before.. But then I have 4 more passports instantly!

And so my other accounts who has no ability to share passports.. now able to send 2 or 3 of them.. Also we can loots the passport from doing jobs! And able to send the passport right away to our friend.

Now there are also 3 choices of getting passport to Bangkok.. I have posted about it several days before..
You can see the clerk, buy with 30 Godfather Points or simply ask from your friends.

I really not suggest you to spend your 30 Reward Points (although you'll have 3 passport to share), I suggest you to get it for free! Ask your mafias or visit the clerk.. if you're not lucky, you have to wait for 20 hours to try again.. and if you're lucky.. see below screen-shot!

Zynga said that our goal for this passport distribution system is to maintain a steady flow of users coming into the new city to keep the Bangkok servers running smoothly for everyone. We want to provide exciting and uninterrupted game play for all, while giving you a fun and challenging obstacle to conquer.. (taken from the official blog).

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You know those emails you get every time someone comments on a status update you already commented on? It can definitely get annoying. Facebook applications previously had similar functionality, however as of yesterday afternoon, comment notifications have been shut off. For most users it’s probably not a huge deal, however some developers are already complaining about this subtle change.

In a discussion on the Facebook developer board regarding app-to-user notifications, Matt Trainer of Facebook told developers two weeks ago that “Notifications generated by fb:comments will continue to work.” Two weeks later, they’ve been shut off and one developer who just reached out to us suggests that this is a “double standard”. As the developer told us:

Facebook claims that this is to eliminate a user from receiving notifications as a result of actions by non-friends. However, if I reply on a friend’s wall and someone posts after me who is not a friend, I still receive a notification. In both situations, I’ve contributed to a wall. In both situations, a non-friend responds. But only on the Facebook wall do I get a notification about the response.

While an automated feature that developers had no control over previously, this functionality allowed for reengagement from users who wanted to have conversations with other users (friends or not). The end result here is that some developers are not happy. While I’m not sure that Facebook will restore comment notifications within applications, it’s clearly a feature that many developers would like to retain.

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In the past hour I’ve noticed multiple users who have posted a message stating “My Ex-Girlfriend Cheated on me… Here is my revenge!” The image was not of their ex though. As a curious individual, I decided to click on the link to see if it was a virus or something else. The result was that I ended up posting the article to my profile and now it’s spreading around Facebook.

The key here is to not click the link if you see it on your friends’ profile or on your homepage. By using some creative CSS and an iFrame, this developer has triggered the “share” event every time a person clicks on the image displayed on the page. It’s a really creative trick, and one that I’m sure Facebook will block in a short amount of time but you should definitely be aware of the issue.

If you see an image like the one pictured below show up on your newsfeed or your profile: don’t click it!!

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Fake Links in Mafia Wars

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 6:20 PM

Beware With Fake Links in Mafia Wars
  • There are too many fake links going around
  • Read before you click any link.
  • If its not from Mafia Wars. DON'T CLICK.
Be extra aware of what website you are using to log in to Facebook. Phishing websites can be made to look like other websites (like the Facebook log in page), and might try to disguise their urls. Be smart: starts out looking like a legitimate Facebook website, but that part means it's fraudulent. Set and use a browser bookmark to make sure you always log in from

Facebook will never ask for your password. Remember, Facebook will never ask for your password in an email, Facebook message, or any medium that isn't the login page. Though you will need to re-enter your password when you set a security question, change your contact email, or send a virtual gift.

Be extra aware of weird Wall posts.
Don't click on any links on a Wall or elsewhere if you don't know where they go.

Share this article and warn your Family!

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There have been numerous rumors over the past few years about Facebook charging for their site. None of them have been true so far and none of them will be true. Yes, Facebook could theoretically charge for specific features, but the $4.99 a month fee that some groups are claiming are flat out inaccurate. The largest group which grew to over 100,000 users was quickly removed by Facebook, however new versions of the group are beginning to sprout up.

Yesterday I received multiple inquiries from people, including journalists, about whether the rumors of Facebook charging a fee were true. No, the rumors are not. Did I call Facebook to find out whether or not the rumors were true? No. I just know that Facebook would be shooting themselves in the foot by charging for access. Want to keep investigating the story further? You’ll be wasting your time.

Facebook didn’t become the most popular site in the U.S. on Christmas by charging for their service, and they aren’t going to become the largest site in the world by charging for their service. Facebook will begin charging for access on the same day Google decides to charge users on a per search basis. Every year there are multiple groups claiming that Facebook will soon begin charging for their service in an attempt to get thousands if not millions of users to join quickly.

While Facebook has plenty of other monetization plans, including the rapid expansion of the Facebook Credits system, none of those plans include a fee-based access model.

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Over the past 36 hours, a Facebook bug has been causing users to see an application installed on their account called “Unnamed Application” . Facebook says that the bug has been fixed, however hundreds of people are continuing to post status updates about the issue. While users are claiming that it’s spyware, it’s a bug in Facebook which should not damage your account or computer in any way.

While the number of users affected by the bug is unknown, at the peak of the issue being reported, there were hundreds of people posting status updates about the issue every second. Yesterday evening we watched Facebook search as numerous users posted status updates like:

Has your facebook been running slow lately? Check your ‘application settings’, go into ‘added to profile’. If you see one in there called”un named app” delete it… Its an internal spybot. Pass it on…………

While a much greater percentage of status updates this evening are related to the Apple iPad announcement, there are still hundreds if not thousands of users posting about the error. Facebook however is saying that the issue has since been fixed. Unfortunately Facebook is not providing any other details but based on what users have been telling us, removing the application resulted in your boxes tab being removed from Facebook.

It was most definitely a strange bug, but it isn’t something that you should be overly concerned about.

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New Phishing Scam Now Spreading Via Facebook Chat. Beware!!

Hackers and spammers have been using relatively similar tactics over the past few months to compromise Facebook user accounts. The most recent scam spreading on Facebook involves the use of hijacked user accounts for sending out chat messages with links to the standard Facebook phishing page. When the user clicks the link, they are sent to a fake Facebook login page and then redirected to the actual Facebook after their email and password has been stolen.

The system then automatically logs in with the user’s account and spams all their friends via chat. This form of phishing scam utilizes automated robots to perform these tasks on a large level. Facebook is known for aggressively pursuing phishers, scammers, and hackers. However once in a while new security vulnerabilities appear on Facebook. This is the latest one of those.

My guess is that Facebook will have this new security issue resolved relatively quickly as the offending site will be blocked and Facebook will set up a filter to remove the chat message. The chat message that we received stated: “ROFL this you?!”. Had I not known that this is a standard scam, I could have easily been duped.

There’s no telling how many users have had their accounts compromised in this latest attack but if you want to protect yourself, make sure not to click on any questionable links sent by your friends via chat.

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Free Bangkok Collections

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:30 PM

We can get Bangkok collections even though we have not reach the episode yet.. I got these collections as a bonus from one job help and also can be gained by helping friend..

Those collections above are from episode 3 and episode 5.

Too bad, we cant see the items on our Bangkok collection page yet because the episodes has not been released by the game. But consider it as our saving.. hopefully we can see them when the episode has out...

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Yakuza and Triad History

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:26 PM

Knowing about the history of Yakuza and Triads

The Yakuza
Created in 1915, the Yamaguchi-gumi is the biggest yakuza family, 45% of all yakuza in Japan, with more than 45,000 members divided into 750 clans. Despite more than one decade of police repression, the Yamaguchi-gumi has continued to grow. From its headquarters in Kobe, it directs criminal activities throughout Japan. It is also involved in operations in Asia and the United States. Shinobu Tsukasa, also known as Kenichi Shinoda, is the Yamaguchi-gumi's current oyabun. He follows an expansionist policy, and has increased operations in Tokyo (which has not traditionally been the territory of the Yamaguchi-gumi)

The Triads
Triad (simplified Chinese: 三合会; traditional Chinese: 三合會; pinyin: Sānhéhuì; literally "Triad Society") is a term that describes many branches of Chinese underground society and/or organizations based in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, and Mainland China, and also in Western countries and cities with significant Chinese populations such as New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Their activities include car theft, contract killing, drug trafficking, extortion, money laundering, gambling, prostitution, and other forms of racketeering. A major source of the triad's income today comes from the counterfeiting of copyrighted and trademarked goods such as clothing, coin counterfeiting, computer software, counterfeit money, handbags, music, CDs, watches and movie VCDs/DVDs. They also trade in endangered species as well as bootleg tobacco and alcohol products.

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Bangkok Mastery Levels

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:15 PM

We can say Bangkok is similar to Moscow in some aspects.. They have both factions (or sides), hard to get money (at the beginning), has business, and soon. Also has some differences. including the fight model (soon for Bangkok), the reputation, etc..

I want to discuss about the mastery level.

Moscow has 3 mastery levels of each episodes (just like New York and Cuba), but now in Bangkok we have 4 mastery levels!

But again, there is a bug about this mastery level. One of our friends has 5 mastery levels instead of one.. Please see screenshot below..

Not a good one.. I hope this bug not continue to the next episodes... If the problem persist, please report this to the Support Team.. You can find the link to them on your top right corner on the game screen.

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Wishlist Help

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 3:48 PM

I notice that we always have this notification every time we update our wishlist.

That message also appears on your mafia Player Updates box.. And if your mafia send you the items, that notifications also appear on your friend's feed.

I think this is really annoying to us.. We'll have our feed and Player Updates full of these messages or notifications.

Make sure you see their wishlist first before you send or click on Help them out! button.. If they ask you for the top loots or lotto piece... think twist and maybe you don't want to send your precious items. Its up to you.

So please be noticed about this..

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Great Mafia Wars Glitch

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 3:23 PM

Lets start, For me, Bangkok given us lots of nice glitch so far.. We enjoy the glitch very much.. I have another example of glitch to post at this page.

See here for more info : Job Mastery episode 1 & 2

We know that we only can have 1 of this item.. But some of we can able to have 3 of this mastery item from episode 1.. even 3 of it! See below image, please..

Its really good!!! I don't mind to have lots of this powerful armor! Nice glitch, congratulation for having them!

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2010 Mafia Wars Robbing Feature

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:08 PM

I know that some of you hate this feature of robbing.. we don't want bad guys to rob our properties, right?? We can not do nothing about it when stronger mafia bring their mob and rob us! Putting police line there.. and we need to repair and spend more money there to add more protection... Yewww!!!

But it's fun! Of course if you have stronger account.. The question now is what about the racket things???

Don't worry guys.. I'm sure they already thinking about this issue.. I think, we can get a lots of bug when this happen.. but it's still good because we can get easy extra loot or money...

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Bangkok Loot Drops from Fight

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 3:56 PM

I don't know this is a glitch or already applied now.. but we can get Bangkok loots from fight.. This is for example mafia member that using tool to do fight and he can loot some Bangkok items.. Please see below screenshot..

He can loot : Cleaver! One of Bangkok weapons..

He can loot Forrest Scorpion too..

Well so far, these all the loots he got from fighting!




Lets try it together...

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Free Bangkok Passport

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 1:00 AM

Free Bangkok Passport !

Now we can get Bangkok passport from doing jobs. So, now, all mafia wars player can fly to Bangkok with easy step. Lets do Mafia Wars jobs and you have a chance to get Bangkok passport as a jobs gift..

Lets share this post to your friend.. Have a nice day..

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New Mafia Wars Home Page Layout

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:00 AM

From : The Mafia Wars Team

We’d like to announce that over the next few days, we’ll be making changes to the layout of the Mafia Wars home page. You’ll still be able to do everything you did before - send your gifts, play the lotto, and get energy packs like you normally do. We just want to make your game play as enjoyable as possible and make those actions easier and better.

One change you’ll notice is a message box on the right side of the home page that’ll contain all of your recent messages. It’ll show how many messages you have, and let you quickly navigate from one message to the next. We’ll also be introducing a cool new feature – the Recommendation Box, which will suggest up to 3 different jobs in New York and Cuba for you to complete.

We’ll be switching our players to the new system in groups throughout next week, so please bear with us and be patient. We're planning on adding even more features and improvements to the new homepage in the near future, so it’ll get even better over time. We hope you enjoy the upgrade!

Old Mafia Wars Home Page Layout

New Mafia Wars Home Page Layout

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Bangkok Boss Jobs - Glitch

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 10:11 AM

I'm sure this is old news.. but I still want to post it..

There is a glitch on Bangkok.. If somebody posted a Boss Job help in Bangkok, help by click on "Claim Your Bonus" button. You can click up to 25x or until you have the limit of helping friends in a day.

The post should be look like this..

This works for Boss Fight episode 1 and episode 2 so far..

You'll have this after claiming your bonus :
You received 6 experience points and B$1,000 for helping XXXXX

Keep clicking, guys!

And now for the person who publish the job! After our mafias help us, some lucky players can get up to 10 Million Baht! But you need lots of mafia to do 25x clicks of the claim bonus button.. the more mafia who do 25x clicks, the more Baht you'll earn.

Also, my friend said that you have to be on another city after you publish this Boss help.. and after you think it's enough, you can go travel back to Bangkok to receive your XP and Baht. Only your mafia who can help you on the jobs, please remember that.

This hint works for some mafia and do not work for some unlucky ones..

For you who don't have a button to post your job help, I can only suggest to submit a ticket to the team. I have been trying for solutions, but none of the links I've found worked.. Apologize for unable to help further more..

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Mafia Wars- YetiSkin Suit

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 9:34 AM

Dont Buy This ARMOR before you have read below post..

Looks scary but its still doesn't have good stats than Executive Overcoat from Moscow loots.. You can get free other mafia wars loots better from this (Get Item Here) . So, for me better skip this loots.. You'll need your Reward Points to refill your energy on Bangkok or just spend them to buy skill points to increase your attack and or defense points..

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Money Laundering - Dirty Money Jobs

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:39 PM


"While doing Mafia Wars jobs, you will get the rare chance of hitting the jackpot. At that point, you can get your friends to help you launder money. To do that, publish the feed. When your friends click on it, they will get a random item for the Money Laundering Vault. Aha, but it gets better! Once you click on you’re the link from your friend’s feed and get the item, you can start your own sting in money laundering.

Make sure to click on the feed as soon as you see your friends posting it! The jackpot that triggers the money laundry is a rare occasion!"

Well, so sorry if took so long for me to post this. It's because I'd like to have my own experience of having these collections, but seems like I'm not lucky yet. I have got one item from helping Dirty Money job, but I can not find it anywhere..

How to Publish Dirty Money Job on Your Wall?

To publish it :

The link is working but you must be in New York when clicking it. Here is the result :

Wait until some friends help you. And then you'll get your notification like this :

Or this one :

And then this is also pop-up :

See that "memebers" text above?? Looks like the team are sleepy or mis-type it..

How to Get Money Laundering Collection?

All you have to do is find the Dirty Money job on your wall.. then click on "Get your cut!" link. Then you'll have this :

Means that you only get money from Mafia helping your mafia's laundering.

But if you're lucky, you'll have this :

Or other collections. The chance to get one collection is about 20%. And it seems that daily limit of helping this laundering job is 5 times! CMIIW, please. When you reach the limit, this message will pop up on your screen :

So, if you see DIRTY MONEY job on your wall feed, quickly get your cut!

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Mafia Wars Glitch For Bangkok

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 3:49 PM

Mafia Wars was down for maintenance and yes there are some bugs that appear.. For example, we can gain Bangkok collection when we're doing jobs.. or when we help on our mafia's job.. even when they help us on our job.

And this one is a bit strange.. Our friend here was asking for help of his Mugging job. And he got this bonus after his mafias helping him.

Mugging job is located in New York, Street Thug job tier. Job's in New York and he received a Moscow Collection & Vault Egg.

Not only that, when he clicked on Home again, that pop up comes up again. Each time it appears, he'll receive another $63, 2 experience points, and Egg (not only Pansy). This happened just after their maintenance.. and he keep doing that until he's tired..

Not only on job help, the bug also appear on Mafiawars. Some of you cannot attack your target.. the screen went blank, etc..

Here is the answer from Zynga about this matter :

"There are a few situations that we’ve found result in game items not loading correctly or completely. These include Server lag, Ajax request timeouts, or simply an incorrectly cached copy of the data on your local machine.

If you are missing items or your Mafia Wars game is not loading correctly, please clear your cache. This will remove your temporary internet files resulting in increased browser speed and performance. It will also ensure that you are not referencing local files in place of files that have been updated on our servers...."

So, if the bug is annoying to you.. try to do their suggestions.. if still not working, submit a ticket! If still not satisfied with their answer.. go to Zynga forum and send a PM (Private Message) to the admin or developers there.

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2010 Most Popular Website

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:47 AM

on this 2010 most popular websites list below have the highest amounts of traffic and a larger market share percentage of online users.

1 :
Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company's focus is developing search technology.
2 :
A social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos.
3 : YouTube - Broadcast yourself
YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!
4 : Yahoo!
Personalized content and search options. Chatrooms, free e-mail, clubs, and pager.
5 : Windows Live
Search engine from Microsoft.
6 : Wikipedia
An online collaborative encyclopedia.
7 :
Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP
8 : OnlineStuff
Direct Download E-Books, Software and Applications.
9 :
Music search engine and free MP3 & video streaming for all kind of topic.
10 : Microsoft Network (MSN)
Dialup access and content provider.
11 : QQ.COM
12 : Yahoo!カテゴリ
13 :
Social networking and microblogging service utilising instant messaging, SMS or a web interface.
14 : Google India
Indian version of this popular search engine. Search the whole web or only webpages from India. Interfaces offered in English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi and Tamil.
15 : Myspace
Social Networking Site.
16 :
17 : 新浪新闻中心
18 :
Suche im gesamten Web, in deutschsprachigen sowie in deutschen Seiten. Zusätzlich ist eine Bildersuche, eine Newsarchiv-Suche (ehemals dejanews) sowie ein Katalog vorhanden.
19 :
Free blogs managed by the developers of the WordPress software. Includes custom design templates, integrated statistics, automatic spam protection and other features.
20 : Microsoft Corporation
Main site for product information, support, and news.

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Mafiawars Frog Man

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:20 AM

Bangkok Beta has been launched.. we're crazy about it for now! And here comes the new limited time offers loot.. Its call 'Frog Man'!

First I thought it's an armor.. because I don't wanna buy item that has less stats than Moscow top loots.. Then I asked about this to one of my best mafia, she said it's a WEAPON! Geez.. perhaps because this Frog Man hold a harpoon or is that a weapon? No idea..

But let's skip this.. unless if you are a COLLECTOR who has lots of Reward Points.. I need my points to refill energy so I can finish some jobs in Bangkok!

If you want Mafiawars item that have stat more than this 'frog man', i can give you free for it. Just get it from ( HERE )

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This is the single biggest change over Moscow.

Whenever you choose a side and do a job for that particular side, you receive experience that sways which the balance of the faction you side with. There are several progressive levels you can get to for whichever side you choose.

If you have chosen Yakuza, each time you do the ‘Yakuza’ specific job, you received 3 XP points towards the Yakuza faction; you also lose 1 XP point from the Triad faction. The same formula works in reverse.

Note : CELL Phones play a big Role here – YOU WILL NEED CELL PHONES!

The purpose of this is to allow the purchase of faction specific loot which has better attack and defense than any Moscow weapons. This loot can be purchased ONLY if you have progressed to the required faction level. You buy it with the cash you earn from doing jobs and opening businesses. The loot by comparison is very expensive and will take a long time to accumulate in quantity.

At this stage it appears as though the special faction loot is NOT giftable. Let's see if they launch Bangkok in full version.

At this stage you CANNOT fight in Bangkok yet.

Example: Yakuza OR Triad Faction - 1500 XP required to reach highest level, that's 500 jobs MINIMUM

Faction Levels -> Hostile - Suspicious - Neutral - Trusted - Honored - Allied

Faction Requirements

Hostile: 1-199/1500 faction
Suspicious: 200-399/1500 faction
Neutral: 400-699/1500 faction
Trusted: 700-999/1500 faction
Honored: 1000-1400/1500 faction
Allied: 1401-1500 faction

These are the various levels you get to depending on the XP you accumulate, as mentioned above, 1500 XP is required to achieve allied status. You can only gain this XP by doing the Yakuza or Triad specific job over and over. The rewards are good however ...

Yakuza is Attack - best Faction loot item - Yakuza Assassin 50 Attack 26 Defense
Triad is Defense - best Faction loot item - Shaolin Bodyguard 27 Attack 51 Defense

How to master each faction?

Each time you do a job for one faction, you gain +3 and only lose -1 from the previous job. As a result, with some work, you can actually max out both factions.

I chose Yakuza as my first faction to master, because I don't wanna get confuse with the additional +3 and -1 of each faction. You can try to max on Triad first, that's fine.. and then you can try to max on the next faction..

Basically it doesn't matter on which faction first.. one of my friend tried to choose Yakuza on first level and then Triad on the second level until he maxed out both factions. You can do that too! In this way, you can figure out which faction can give you lower energy or else.. but I just don't have time to figure it out or else.. but I just don't have time to figure it out..

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Bangkok Million of Baht

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 6:19 AM

Some lucky players have the ability to post their job help in Bangkok.. Specially for the BOSS JOB! If you have reached on level 3 mastery (on each episode) and able to post the job help, you'll gained these (example of episode 2 level 3) :

Your Mafia was eager to help on Discredit Police Commissioner Chatri job. You earned B$561,000 and 1 experience point.

I was not one of the lucky players so I only gained B$561,000 and 1 experience point. But some of you, has variance of Baht while the XP is the same only 1 XP. My mafias got B$2,200,000 and few others who is level 500++ got B$5,000,000.

Now they're able to upgrade their Bangkok businesses to higher grade!

I don't know what determine the bonus.. I choose the same faction as one of the lucky one.. I even have higher level than he's.. so I guess this is randomly chosen by the game..

Congratulations to all of you who got millions of Baht! Have a good time! -MQWARDCP6CYP

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As I have mentioned earlier, as you do jobs for the Yakuza and Triads , you will earn faction points. In addition a variety of good loot pieces, you once you earn a trusted reputation (700 or higher faction points), you will be able to earn faction-specific businesses, the Gun Running Operation (Yakuza) and the Yaa Baa Parlor (Triads).

Unlike normal businesses, these business produce boosts rather than money. This system is a lot like the politico corrupto in Mafia Wars Cuba; you can not upgrade the quality of the boost, but rather the capacity (amount of boosts the business can hold) and the output (the amount of boosts produced every 3 hours).

With that said, here are the businesses, the requirements, and the outputs:

By earning 700 or more reputation points with the Yakuza, you can buy the Gun Running Operation for B$300,000:

The Gun Running Operation produces Black Market Ammo (+32 attack skill) boosts every 3 hours. It starts out producing 1 every 3 hours, but can be upgraded to 5 every 3 hours.

By earning 700 or more reputation with the Triads, you can buy the Yaa Baa Parlor for B$300,000:

The Yaa Baa Parlor produces Hyper Alert Sentry (+32 fight defense skill) boosts every 3 hours. It starts out producing 1 boost every 3 hours but can be upgraded to 5 boosts every 3 hours.

You can get both businesses, in fact, it is rather easy to max out both factions, just follow the information in my previous faction guide post.

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Bangkok - Envelope of Thai Baht

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 5:21 AM

We have one free gift from Bangkok city : "Envelope of Thai Baht".

We can send it our family as free gift, here is the link or just go to your Free - Gift page :

One of you has find a secret way to collect lots of envelopes.. he said it took hard work to collect these much.. please see the screenshot below :

Are you wondering how he can get those all?I have posted several months ago about the cheat way to send lots of free gifts to your mafia.. I hope you can figure it out by yourself now..

Also there is another way.. If you have free gift of this item from your mafias, click on accept it from your request page but don't quickly open it. Like this :

Do not click on any button yet! Quickly copy the link available on your browser and paste it on a new tab.. you'll have 2 gifts instead of one from the same person! So if you have 5 free-gifts, you can accept 10 gifts then..

Now you can accept more gifts or just play the game.. not bad at all!

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