Mafia Wars Mystery Bag Trick

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 5:18 PM

Latest Greatest Mafia Wars tips and tricks about Mystery Bag feature..

You can get random 5 Item From your Wishlist

There is one trick to get the loot you want if you get the random 5 from your Mafia Wars wishlist. It will not gift Lotto Collections, Valentine's Day or the Mystery Bag Collection items. So if you put one or two of those up and the one or two item that you want, you will get 5 of them when that one comes up.

Example :

I want to have 5 shturmovik or 5 executive overcoat, so I put slot Machine (from Lotto Collections) + shturmovik + executive overcoat . Better just 2 Lotto Collections and 1 item that you really want.

After a open a mystery bag collection, I got mafia wars item like at my wishlist. See below..

Also get this item too...

Four Toed Dragon

Year of The Tiger


So, lets do this trick...and get greatest mafia wars item that your wish (^.^)

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