Hye, great to know a lot of new information about this Mafia Wars Facebook games...

Main frame access is back! and with a link to grab you code, it's also changed to give a bonus once a week

But unfortunately, some people find some issues concerning the lost of their mainframe code access, even if they ask zynga to resend them another one !!! I don't know what is the problem, hope that zynga will catch it soon.

And for BANGKOK, Episodes 6 and 7 are coming out soon, so be ready guys!!
Also in Bangkok faction store, new animals are available to purchase:

The Xiamen Tiger

Attack: 26 Defense: 52

The Banded Krait

Attack: 51 Defense: 28

What do you think about these two new animals ?? Does they worth their cost ??

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Free Skill Point

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 5:44 PM

Got this info from our blog friend Geoffrey,

He said that when spending his skill points to leveling up, he have click on the button very rappidly, He had just 5 skill points, and he have achieve to increase his Energy Points to 7 !!!

See the Scrrenshots:

Great Glitch for us, hope that this works with everyone, before zynga team will catch it !!

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Forgot My Mafia Wars Secret Code

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 5:16 PM

Now, hundreds or thousands of Mafia Wars players are recently facing this problem, "I have just received my mafia wars secret code but unfortunately, I have lost it :(.. what should I do ??"

Many people forget to save the code, or save it in the wrong way, and it's impossible to go back and view it,

What should We Do?

It's very easy, simply send your issue with the required information to zynga at:

And they will email you a new secret code, when they investigate your demand.
Please comment if you have a similar problem, or if your problem is solved by this or if you got another solution.

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Armory Depot And Breeding Pen

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 8:20 AM

There are two new exciting developments for properties on the horizon. First is one that most of you have predicted: the Armory and the Breeding Pen (these names aren’t final). As you would expect, these are properties that will be able to manufacture or create new Armor and Animals respectively. Beyond that – there will be more specialty properties in the future of Mafia Wars, but we’ll roll them out slowly such that you won’t be overwhelmed with too many features at once.

The second is something I’ve alluded to in a previous post – the Vegas Casino property. Instead of having multiple buildings and businesses that you see currently, the Vegas property system will actually have you customizing (both visually and numerically) a single complex, so you can be your own Casino mogul. You’ll be able to choose your slot machines, upgrade your Hotel, as make sure your Vault is secure from robbery. In the coming weeks, I’ll reveal even more about this exciting new addition to Mafia Wars.

Another common complaint is that it would take an immense amount of time to get 501 copies of the best vehicle (or weapon) since you can only create one a day. We are currently considering new ways to get around this issue, so that players who do attain the highest levels of these properties will be able to create more of their favorite items (while still making sure exploitative players don't cheat the system).

WOW!! So we will be able to make armors and farm animals soon... our own miniature version of farmville.. and they are also considering to allow producing more than just 1 item per day from chop shop, weapon depot and later Armory Depot and Breeding Pen too..

Just as I told ya few days back as secret new features about Armory Depot.. plus I hope everyone knows and can already predict that Las Vegas jobs will require both energy and stamina..

Ok, that's it for today.. You can take the infos as just rumors or else.. but it's true that we don't have any Armory Depot yet or how to produce the Animals.. etc..
Just have fun with the game... and wait patiencely for these coming soon features!

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We have this bonus today!
I don't get any pop up showing my Secret Code but I see the Central Mainframe Access box on the Daily Checklist on my Homepage on the game screen..

If you didn't get the code yesterday, you will have a chance to have it now.. just from login to the game and doing some jobs or fights! Because I saved my previous code from the pop up I got the other day, I enter the code there!

Got +3 Defense! Very nice, team! Thank you so much for this gift...

I guess tomorrow we will have +3 Energy or Stamina or Health..

What if you didn't save the code you got yesterday??? Perhaps you can try to find one from doing jobs or fight... I have not tried mine because I simply enter the code..
Anybody has another chance and succeed?

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Mafia Wars Grand Master Thief

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 8:00 AM

Finally answers from our friend about this Robbing level 10.. Here you go..

"I have not recieved any achievement, it would be great if they introduce it to the game. Despite the fact that I did recieve a new title Grand Master Thief in my profile, there was neither any special reward nor bonus, I've only completed the robbing bar till 100 full and moved on further robing, because there are no limits except this bar status.

For the moment, I have no intention to replace robbing for fights, because it takes a while to spend my large amount of stamina on fighting, also you don't need to refill your health, thats a big plus for me. I am patiently waiting for a new fighting club feature, that could possibly have an impact on spending my stamina for fights instead of robbing."

Grand Master Thief

The 2 Robbing Achievements
& Robbing Wins Stats

With every level you master, you will get more % succesfull robberies done... You can see the detail from the table below..

Robbing Mastery Levels

So, based on the answers and experiences from the experts.. I can take conclusions :

  1. You can still do Robbing even if the bar hit 100% already.
  2. Robbing gives you more benefits than fighting! You can get free XP, money, loot and the most important is you don't lose any Health from doing robberies..
  3. Having successful heists is necessary to raise your mastery level! Don't forget to also vault the Stolen Diamond Collection to Improve odds of successful robberies by 10%!!!
  4. We have only 2 achievements about Robbing, will be great if there is one more achievement for become a Grand Master Thief!
For further info on Robbing Property Values, etc.. please visit our game bible : Mafia Wars Wiki..

If you have anything to say, please kindly leave your comments...

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Mafia Wars Robbing Level 10

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 7:57 AM

One of our friend sent this email to me.. Already level 10 on Robbing mastery level and got tittle of Grand Master Thief!

Robbing level 10 mastered 100%... His stats : Robbing Wins 36821. Nice stats!

I was asking him some questions.. What did he got after this? New title for sure.. but is there any achievement for mastering this level? I think the team should make a new achievement of this..

So, is that all? And after that, no more Robbing for him?
What should he do now???
Just spend your staminas on fighting then.

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Free Mafia Wars Reward Point

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 7:52 AM

I agree that they are also spoiling us because of the new Top Mafia failure.. Is there anybody has only 1 free RP? Or it is just 2 RPs for today and 1 RP tomorrow, etc?

Anyway, I notice that we don't have the info of next gift unlock for tomorrow on daily free gift which is the F-25 Valkyrie..

So is it the last free gift? Because we have it complete from Weapon (Death Dealer Minigun), Armors (Rogue CIA Agent & Turkey Vulture - I bet this bird will become Animals once it fully releases) and Vehicle (F-25 Valkyrie)...

Yes, they are now in the right order (except for the Turkey Vulture).

Just hoping that the Central Mainframe Access will be available everyday.. and one player have their own unique Secret Code.. One of my friend trying to put the code to another account, it's not working!

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