Bangkok - Envelope of Thai Baht

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 5:21 AM

We have one free gift from Bangkok city : "Envelope of Thai Baht".

We can send it our family as free gift, here is the link or just go to your Free - Gift page :

One of you has find a secret way to collect lots of envelopes.. he said it took hard work to collect these much.. please see the screenshot below :

Are you wondering how he can get those all?I have posted several months ago about the cheat way to send lots of free gifts to your mafia.. I hope you can figure it out by yourself now..

Also there is another way.. If you have free gift of this item from your mafias, click on accept it from your request page but don't quickly open it. Like this :

Do not click on any button yet! Quickly copy the link available on your browser and paste it on a new tab.. you'll have 2 gifts instead of one from the same person! So if you have 5 free-gifts, you can accept 10 gifts then..

Now you can accept more gifts or just play the game.. not bad at all!

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