This iteration of the Mafia Wars Gift Safe House is definitely dropping better loot than the previous version. Personally, I have been getting Tiger Tanks (48 defense) and Chariots (48 attack) with high frequency. I'm not the only one either; one of the readers, Randy, has found 11 Chariots and 13 Tiger Tanks so far:

You can see from the order of the vehicles that Randy found all 13 Tiger Tanks from the gift house - since the Moscow loot weekend (which originally had the Tiger Tanks) came before the Krakow was released, yet in the picture the Tiger Tank appears later.

Additionally, Randy has another great tip that will allow you to get extra free gifts. Here's how to do it:

Step 1:

Send 15-20 free gift requests to your friends (do not max out at 24).

Step 2:

Again, open the gift request tab and this time only send out 15 requests. At first, the Facebook interface only shows that you are sending out 4 requests (if you sent 20 originally). However, when you hit the send button, you get a confirmation that gift requests were sent to all 15 recipients. While I'm not sure if the gift request actually gets sent, it certainly can't hurt!

In other news, I just saw another new Mafia Wars Bangkok Facebook ad. There's less than 2 weeks left in January, so Bangkok must be imminent!

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