Mafia Wars Treasure Chests

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 1:23 AM

New feature on Mafia Wars.. We can call it's as a Treasure Chests!

But this feature you cant get it for free. (that's what I know so far.. I even have not take a bath yet to post this)..I Will try to update as soon as I understand this feature well enough..

You do your jobs like normal and you have a chance to open Treasure Chests.. this is when you publish it on your wall..

This is step to unlock the item from Treasure Chest?

So, now we have to use Treasure Key...

You must Purchase it for 9 Reward Points??? Is it worth at all? Below are the example from my friends who already unlock their chests :

Seeing the items, I think they're not worth it. The loots don't give us a good stats.. so it's kinda waste! Please keep your Reward Points to welcome Bangkok. Be wise, my friends..

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