Mafia Wars Release Date - Bangkok

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:31 AM

Over this weekend, there have been a lot of rumors going around that Mafia Wars Bangkok is due out today. A new forum for Bangkok was viewable on the forums for a short period of time before it was pulled. The fact that the forums are ready to go is a great sign. Despite this, the Mafia Wars Twitter page and Mafia Wars fan page remain quiet.

Based on their track record, it's hard to make a firm decision on whether or not Bangkok will be given a set release date or whether it will be unleashed upon players with no warning. For Mafia Wars Cuba, there was no warning or release date - the preview screen was there one day and a month or two later, Cuba went live with no significant fanfare or warning.

For Mafia Wars Moscow, there was an announcement on the Mafia Wars Twitter page that it Moscow would be available that night. However, due to technical delays, the release was pushed back until the next morning, at which point panic ensued. The overall negative impression that this goof left makes me think that Bangkok might just be released with no official release date. I think it might just go live and official announcements on the fan page and on Twitter will not happen until it is actually available for players to play.

Either way, the month of January is rapidly coming to an end. Let's just hope the developers don't miss the release month entirely.

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