Mafiawars Frog Man

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:20 AM

Bangkok Beta has been launched.. we're crazy about it for now! And here comes the new limited time offers loot.. Its call 'Frog Man'!

First I thought it's an armor.. because I don't wanna buy item that has less stats than Moscow top loots.. Then I asked about this to one of my best mafia, she said it's a WEAPON! Geez.. perhaps because this Frog Man hold a harpoon or is that a weapon? No idea..

But let's skip this.. unless if you are a COLLECTOR who has lots of Reward Points.. I need my points to refill energy so I can finish some jobs in Bangkok!

If you want Mafiawars item that have stat more than this 'frog man', i can give you free for it. Just get it from ( HERE )

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