Mafia Wars Glitch For Bangkok

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 3:49 PM

Mafia Wars was down for maintenance and yes there are some bugs that appear.. For example, we can gain Bangkok collection when we're doing jobs.. or when we help on our mafia's job.. even when they help us on our job.

And this one is a bit strange.. Our friend here was asking for help of his Mugging job. And he got this bonus after his mafias helping him.

Mugging job is located in New York, Street Thug job tier. Job's in New York and he received a Moscow Collection & Vault Egg.

Not only that, when he clicked on Home again, that pop up comes up again. Each time it appears, he'll receive another $63, 2 experience points, and Egg (not only Pansy). This happened just after their maintenance.. and he keep doing that until he's tired..

Not only on job help, the bug also appear on Mafiawars. Some of you cannot attack your target.. the screen went blank, etc..

Here is the answer from Zynga about this matter :

"There are a few situations that we’ve found result in game items not loading correctly or completely. These include Server lag, Ajax request timeouts, or simply an incorrectly cached copy of the data on your local machine.

If you are missing items or your Mafia Wars game is not loading correctly, please clear your cache. This will remove your temporary internet files resulting in increased browser speed and performance. It will also ensure that you are not referencing local files in place of files that have been updated on our servers...."

So, if the bug is annoying to you.. try to do their suggestions.. if still not working, submit a ticket! If still not satisfied with their answer.. go to Zynga forum and send a PM (Private Message) to the admin or developers there.

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