This is the single biggest change over Moscow.

Whenever you choose a side and do a job for that particular side, you receive experience that sways which the balance of the faction you side with. There are several progressive levels you can get to for whichever side you choose.

If you have chosen Yakuza, each time you do the ‘Yakuza’ specific job, you received 3 XP points towards the Yakuza faction; you also lose 1 XP point from the Triad faction. The same formula works in reverse.

Note : CELL Phones play a big Role here – YOU WILL NEED CELL PHONES!

The purpose of this is to allow the purchase of faction specific loot which has better attack and defense than any Moscow weapons. This loot can be purchased ONLY if you have progressed to the required faction level. You buy it with the cash you earn from doing jobs and opening businesses. The loot by comparison is very expensive and will take a long time to accumulate in quantity.

At this stage it appears as though the special faction loot is NOT giftable. Let's see if they launch Bangkok in full version.

At this stage you CANNOT fight in Bangkok yet.

Example: Yakuza OR Triad Faction - 1500 XP required to reach highest level, that's 500 jobs MINIMUM

Faction Levels -> Hostile - Suspicious - Neutral - Trusted - Honored - Allied

Faction Requirements

Hostile: 1-199/1500 faction
Suspicious: 200-399/1500 faction
Neutral: 400-699/1500 faction
Trusted: 700-999/1500 faction
Honored: 1000-1400/1500 faction
Allied: 1401-1500 faction

These are the various levels you get to depending on the XP you accumulate, as mentioned above, 1500 XP is required to achieve allied status. You can only gain this XP by doing the Yakuza or Triad specific job over and over. The rewards are good however ...

Yakuza is Attack - best Faction loot item - Yakuza Assassin 50 Attack 26 Defense
Triad is Defense - best Faction loot item - Shaolin Bodyguard 27 Attack 51 Defense

How to master each faction?

Each time you do a job for one faction, you gain +3 and only lose -1 from the previous job. As a result, with some work, you can actually max out both factions.

I chose Yakuza as my first faction to master, because I don't wanna get confuse with the additional +3 and -1 of each faction. You can try to max on Triad first, that's fine.. and then you can try to max on the next faction..

Basically it doesn't matter on which faction first.. one of my friend tried to choose Yakuza on first level and then Triad on the second level until he maxed out both factions. You can do that too! In this way, you can figure out which faction can give you lower energy or else.. but I just don't have time to figure it out or else.. but I just don't have time to figure it out..

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