Welcome to Bangkok City

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 7:52 PM

I'll try to explain about this city one by one.. Have told you guys about the 3 passports that we can share to 3 mafias.. then each one of them can unlock Bangkok and they will also have the ability to share another 3 passports!

Here is the Faction Store, have 2 stores available: Yakuza Store & Triad Store!



OK, now this is the first episode and first chapter.. I think Bangkok has similar rules as Moscow.. where we have to choose which faction that we wanna follow.. I have been on chapter 2, but still confuse on which faction to choose... Let the time answer then...

And this is the loots that we have to buy on mafia store, including Weapons, Armors and Vehicles...

That's it so far.. will post more soon...

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