Loot Thief Alert

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 5:56 PM

For Mafia Wars players, Do NOT click on the secret stash of "marijuana" or whoopee cushions, or drunk girls, or carbide blades. It will show a MW-looking symbol but it is a ploy. It is a loot thief program. It is spreading like crazy amongst players. Please tell your family and alert your friends about it.

It will look like this :

Mike found a secret stash of Marijuana Plants in Mafia Wars!

Mike found a secret stash of Marijuana Plants and is willing to share with friends. Be quick though, because there are only 5 to go around! Hurry before they all catch on fire!

There is no Marijuana Plants on this game! So make sure you only click on something about Mafia Wars items. Do not click on that link or you'll give your info to the thiefs.

If you accidentally click on it, quickly change your password. Watch out !!

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