Bangkok Mastery Levels

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 4:15 PM

We can say Bangkok is similar to Moscow in some aspects.. They have both factions (or sides), hard to get money (at the beginning), has business, and soon. Also has some differences. including the fight model (soon for Bangkok), the reputation, etc..

I want to discuss about the mastery level.

Moscow has 3 mastery levels of each episodes (just like New York and Cuba), but now in Bangkok we have 4 mastery levels!

But again, there is a bug about this mastery level. One of our friends has 5 mastery levels instead of one.. Please see screenshot below..

Not a good one.. I hope this bug not continue to the next episodes... If the problem persist, please report this to the Support Team.. You can find the link to them on your top right corner on the game screen.

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