New Mafia Wars Home Page Layout

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 2:00 AM

From : The Mafia Wars Team

We’d like to announce that over the next few days, we’ll be making changes to the layout of the Mafia Wars home page. You’ll still be able to do everything you did before - send your gifts, play the lotto, and get energy packs like you normally do. We just want to make your game play as enjoyable as possible and make those actions easier and better.

One change you’ll notice is a message box on the right side of the home page that’ll contain all of your recent messages. It’ll show how many messages you have, and let you quickly navigate from one message to the next. We’ll also be introducing a cool new feature – the Recommendation Box, which will suggest up to 3 different jobs in New York and Cuba for you to complete.

We’ll be switching our players to the new system in groups throughout next week, so please bear with us and be patient. We're planning on adding even more features and improvements to the new homepage in the near future, so it’ll get even better over time. We hope you enjoy the upgrade!

Old Mafia Wars Home Page Layout

New Mafia Wars Home Page Layout

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