Bangkok Boss Jobs - Glitch

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 10:11 AM

I'm sure this is old news.. but I still want to post it..

There is a glitch on Bangkok.. If somebody posted a Boss Job help in Bangkok, help by click on "Claim Your Bonus" button. You can click up to 25x or until you have the limit of helping friends in a day.

The post should be look like this..

This works for Boss Fight episode 1 and episode 2 so far..

You'll have this after claiming your bonus :
You received 6 experience points and B$1,000 for helping XXXXX

Keep clicking, guys!

And now for the person who publish the job! After our mafias help us, some lucky players can get up to 10 Million Baht! But you need lots of mafia to do 25x clicks of the claim bonus button.. the more mafia who do 25x clicks, the more Baht you'll earn.

Also, my friend said that you have to be on another city after you publish this Boss help.. and after you think it's enough, you can go travel back to Bangkok to receive your XP and Baht. Only your mafia who can help you on the jobs, please remember that.

This hint works for some mafia and do not work for some unlucky ones..

For you who don't have a button to post your job help, I can only suggest to submit a ticket to the team. I have been trying for solutions, but none of the links I've found worked.. Apologize for unable to help further more..

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