As I have mentioned earlier, as you do jobs for the Yakuza and Triads , you will earn faction points. In addition a variety of good loot pieces, you once you earn a trusted reputation (700 or higher faction points), you will be able to earn faction-specific businesses, the Gun Running Operation (Yakuza) and the Yaa Baa Parlor (Triads).

Unlike normal businesses, these business produce boosts rather than money. This system is a lot like the politico corrupto in Mafia Wars Cuba; you can not upgrade the quality of the boost, but rather the capacity (amount of boosts the business can hold) and the output (the amount of boosts produced every 3 hours).

With that said, here are the businesses, the requirements, and the outputs:

By earning 700 or more reputation points with the Yakuza, you can buy the Gun Running Operation for B$300,000:

The Gun Running Operation produces Black Market Ammo (+32 attack skill) boosts every 3 hours. It starts out producing 1 every 3 hours, but can be upgraded to 5 every 3 hours.

By earning 700 or more reputation with the Triads, you can buy the Yaa Baa Parlor for B$300,000:

The Yaa Baa Parlor produces Hyper Alert Sentry (+32 fight defense skill) boosts every 3 hours. It starts out producing 1 boost every 3 hours but can be upgraded to 5 boosts every 3 hours.

You can get both businesses, in fact, it is rather easy to max out both factions, just follow the information in my previous faction guide post.

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  1. Anonymous February 4, 2010 at 6:38 AM  

    I guess there is no point in having these operations if the lowest defence or attack weapon that you have is greater than 32 points?