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"While doing Mafia Wars jobs, you will get the rare chance of hitting the jackpot. At that point, you can get your friends to help you launder money. To do that, publish the feed. When your friends click on it, they will get a random item for the Money Laundering Vault. Aha, but it gets better! Once you click on you’re the link from your friend’s feed and get the item, you can start your own sting in money laundering.

Make sure to click on the feed as soon as you see your friends posting it! The jackpot that triggers the money laundry is a rare occasion!"

Well, so sorry if took so long for me to post this. It's because I'd like to have my own experience of having these collections, but seems like I'm not lucky yet. I have got one item from helping Dirty Money job, but I can not find it anywhere..

How to Publish Dirty Money Job on Your Wall?

To publish it :

The link is working but you must be in New York when clicking it. Here is the result :

Wait until some friends help you. And then you'll get your notification like this :

Or this one :

And then this is also pop-up :

See that "memebers" text above?? Looks like the team are sleepy or mis-type it..

How to Get Money Laundering Collection?

All you have to do is find the Dirty Money job on your wall.. then click on "Get your cut!" link. Then you'll have this :

Means that you only get money from Mafia helping your mafia's laundering.

But if you're lucky, you'll have this :

Or other collections. The chance to get one collection is about 20%. And it seems that daily limit of helping this laundering job is 5 times! CMIIW, please. When you reach the limit, this message will pop up on your screen :

So, if you see DIRTY MONEY job on your wall feed, quickly get your cut!

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