Why Playing Mafia Wars ?

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 5:49 AM

There's something exciting and romantic about the lifestyle of major organized crime, as manifested by the success of mob movies such as The Godfather. The enticement of easy money, lots of power, and living on the edge of the law has spawned many successful video games.

I'm not sure any of them rival the power of Mafia Wars by Zynga in recent times. The explosion of social networking websites, specifically Myspace and Facebook has made it possible for many software companies to make a fortune by creating free, addictive games that people share with one another on these sites.

If you aren't already playing "Mafia Wars" then you are missing out on a free way to have a lot of fun and make a lot of friends. It doesn't cost a dime to play and once you're involved in the game you'll enjoy it so much you won't ever want to stop.

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