How To Use Godfather Reward Points

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 8:36 AM

When you first get started in mafia wars, you'll have Godfather Reward Points. The tendency for new players is to spend them quickly. DON'T DO IT!!!!!

Godfather points are very difficult to obtain unless you're willing to pay real money. They are occasionally given in the game, but usually to obtain more, you are required to buy them with cash or buy related products or offers.

You can score some more Godfather reward points easily by browsing through the offers to find the ones that require very little money (like $1.39) or are completely free. There aren't very many, but there are some. Be attentive browse the offers to find them.

Never waste your Godfather points on:

- Money (you can always get it in fights and jobs)
- Restore Health (you can always go to the hospital)
- Stamina (this recharges quickly)
- Family Members (my recruiting methods are great)

DO use Godfather points on:

- Energy Refills (once you've built up your total energy points)
- Crates (sometimes it's the best way to get certain items)
- New name (it's the only way, if you get a bad rep just change)

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