You can change your name later, but there is a fairly hefty cost, so think about how you would like your Mafioso name to be. "Don" plus your last name works well and the game supports multiple people with the same name. Default Don is the most common name out there followed by all the characters from the Godfather. The more unique and memorable your name, the easier it is for friends to find you.

As for character type, here is a break down on what the choice entails. Currently, there is no way to change it once you make it, so consider carefully.

Energy: every 5 min.
Health: every 3 min.
Money: every 54 min instead of 60 min.
Stamina: every 5 min.

As Bagman: Get chance to gain double the money when performing jobs.

As a Mogul your cash flow comes every 54 minutes rather than every hour for the other character types. As a Mogul you are also the only character type eligible for being a Bagman. As a Bagman in one of your friends Top Mafia, you have the change to get double money from performing jobs.

Since we want to be generating passive income rather than earned and there is no real use for money anymore once you get to around level 40, this is the least interesting of the character types unless your friend group happens to need more eligible Bagmen options.

Energy: every 3 min instead of 5 min.
Health: every 3 min.
Money: every 60 min.
Stamina: every 5 min.

As Button Man: Get chance to always win fights initiated.

As a Maniac, your energy regenerates at a rate of 1 every 3 minutes instead of 5. You also become eligible to be a Button Man which gives you a chance to automatically win any fight you initiate. General consensus on the web before the Top Mafia changes was this was the best type to choose since energy drives a lot of your leveling. The flip side to this is if you are speed leveling, you are counting more on the energy refills from leveling up and Energy Paks than from natural regeneration. The special Top Mafia ability is not very exciting as we only initiate fights we expect to win anyway. Basically, it boils down to out of the 5-10% of fight you lose to critical hits, you win about 5% of them instead.

Energy: every 5 min.
Health: every 2 min instead of 3 min.
Money: every 60 min.Justify Full
Stamina: every 5 min.

As Wheelman: Get chance to perform jobs for no energy cost.

As a Fearless character your health regenerates at a faster rate. You also have the ability to be a Top Mafia Wheel Man which has the best special ability. Whenever you perform a job, there is a small chance that job costs no energy. Since at higher levels jobs can cost as much as 60 energy to run, this is a very non-trivial bonus and greatly aid the speed at which you level. The health regeneration itself is not a very meaningful bonus since using the hospital to top off at any point in time is a non-issue.

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