Growing Your Mafia Member

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 7:19 AM

The hardest part of the game may possibly be growing your mafia. Sometimes it really depends on your social networking site or how social you are. In this guide I will show you how you can grow you mafia by recruiting members fast and successfully. Mafia Wars offers a variety of ways you can invite to recruit members into your mafia. Some ways are considered “Spam” and is against the rules of some social networking websites. Make sure you read the Terms of Use before attempting any of these methods. Below I will suggest a few simple ways you can start recruiting members to grow your mafia.

1. You can send an invitation and forward it to all your friends on your social networking website. Do this a few times until all your friends have received and responded to your invitation.

2. Join a popular Mafia Wars Group or or any general gaming forum and start posting threads with a link to your invitation to join your mafia. I suggest you to join this group [ Click Here ].

3. You can send out personal messages to your friends asking them to join your mafia. Make sure to provide the link below the message with invitation.

4. Zynga has a discussion board available to Mafia Wars user. You can recruit members there by posting a thread asking if anyone wants to join.

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