Mafia Wars Grand Master Thief

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Finally answers from our friend about this Robbing level 10.. Here you go..

"I have not recieved any achievement, it would be great if they introduce it to the game. Despite the fact that I did recieve a new title Grand Master Thief in my profile, there was neither any special reward nor bonus, I've only completed the robbing bar till 100 full and moved on further robing, because there are no limits except this bar status.

For the moment, I have no intention to replace robbing for fights, because it takes a while to spend my large amount of stamina on fighting, also you don't need to refill your health, thats a big plus for me. I am patiently waiting for a new fighting club feature, that could possibly have an impact on spending my stamina for fights instead of robbing."

Grand Master Thief

The 2 Robbing Achievements
& Robbing Wins Stats

With every level you master, you will get more % succesfull robberies done... You can see the detail from the table below..

Robbing Mastery Levels

So, based on the answers and experiences from the experts.. I can take conclusions :

  1. You can still do Robbing even if the bar hit 100% already.
  2. Robbing gives you more benefits than fighting! You can get free XP, money, loot and the most important is you don't lose any Health from doing robberies..
  3. Having successful heists is necessary to raise your mastery level! Don't forget to also vault the Stolen Diamond Collection to Improve odds of successful robberies by 10%!!!
  4. We have only 2 achievements about Robbing, will be great if there is one more achievement for become a Grand Master Thief!
For further info on Robbing Property Values, etc.. please visit our game bible : Mafia Wars Wiki..

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