Free Mafia Wars Reward Point

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 7:52 AM

I agree that they are also spoiling us because of the new Top Mafia failure.. Is there anybody has only 1 free RP? Or it is just 2 RPs for today and 1 RP tomorrow, etc?

Anyway, I notice that we don't have the info of next gift unlock for tomorrow on daily free gift which is the F-25 Valkyrie..

So is it the last free gift? Because we have it complete from Weapon (Death Dealer Minigun), Armors (Rogue CIA Agent & Turkey Vulture - I bet this bird will become Animals once it fully releases) and Vehicle (F-25 Valkyrie)...

Yes, they are now in the right order (except for the Turkey Vulture).

Just hoping that the Central Mainframe Access will be available everyday.. and one player have their own unique Secret Code.. One of my friend trying to put the code to another account, it's not working!

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