Armory Depot And Breeding Pen

Posted by GreatestMafiaWars | 8:20 AM

There are two new exciting developments for properties on the horizon. First is one that most of you have predicted: the Armory and the Breeding Pen (these names aren’t final). As you would expect, these are properties that will be able to manufacture or create new Armor and Animals respectively. Beyond that – there will be more specialty properties in the future of Mafia Wars, but we’ll roll them out slowly such that you won’t be overwhelmed with too many features at once.

The second is something I’ve alluded to in a previous post – the Vegas Casino property. Instead of having multiple buildings and businesses that you see currently, the Vegas property system will actually have you customizing (both visually and numerically) a single complex, so you can be your own Casino mogul. You’ll be able to choose your slot machines, upgrade your Hotel, as make sure your Vault is secure from robbery. In the coming weeks, I’ll reveal even more about this exciting new addition to Mafia Wars.

Another common complaint is that it would take an immense amount of time to get 501 copies of the best vehicle (or weapon) since you can only create one a day. We are currently considering new ways to get around this issue, so that players who do attain the highest levels of these properties will be able to create more of their favorite items (while still making sure exploitative players don't cheat the system).

WOW!! So we will be able to make armors and farm animals soon... our own miniature version of farmville.. and they are also considering to allow producing more than just 1 item per day from chop shop, weapon depot and later Armory Depot and Breeding Pen too..

Just as I told ya few days back as secret new features about Armory Depot.. plus I hope everyone knows and can already predict that Las Vegas jobs will require both energy and stamina..

Ok, that's it for today.. You can take the infos as just rumors or else.. but it's true that we don't have any Armory Depot yet or how to produce the Animals.. etc..
Just have fun with the game... and wait patiencely for these coming soon features!

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