Fake Links in Mafia Wars

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Beware With Fake Links in Mafia Wars
  • There are too many fake links going around
  • Read before you click any link.
  • If its not from Mafia Wars. DON'T CLICK.
Be extra aware of what website you are using to log in to Facebook. Phishing websites can be made to look like other websites (like the Facebook log in page), and might try to disguise their urls. Be smart: www.facebook.com.profile.a36h8su2m8.info/login starts out looking like a legitimate Facebook website, but that a36h8su2m8.info part means it's fraudulent. Set and use a browser bookmark to make sure you always log in from facebook.com

Facebook will never ask for your password. Remember, Facebook will never ask for your password in an email, Facebook message, or any medium that isn't the login page. Though you will need to re-enter your password when you set a security question, change your contact email, or send a virtual gift.

Be extra aware of weird Wall posts.
Don't click on any links on a Wall or elsewhere if you don't know where they go.

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